Strength in Numbers

Michelle Konkle, Denise Konkle, Dave Poe

Michelle Konkle, Denise Konkle, Dave Poe

Dozens of women banded together May 9 for Women Build 2018 benefitting Habit for Humanity Clark & Floyd Indiana.

Each Women Build home was funded and built by women leaders and volunteers in our community.

The volunteers work together to raise funds and the walls for the entire Women Build project. For each build, Habitat for Humanity relies on at least 10 women to be team leaders and each recruit up to 10 women for their team. Together, they raise funds and help make up the volunteers needed to construct the home by recruiting friends and family to support their work through a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

If you are interested in volunteering for the next Women Build, please call 812.948.1235 or email

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