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    STAND-UP GUY | IUS’S Wiley Brown Talks the High Five, Life After Playing Ball

    MENTION THE NAME “WILEY BROWN” anywhere in Kentuckiana, and there’s a good chance someone in the room knows him and watched him play ball: first, basketball at the University of Louisville, and later, football for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles,... Read More

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    Rockin with Jacob Resch

    By Mandy Wolf Detwiler | Photos by Christian Watson JACOB RESCH might not remember much about the musical origins of MySpace (he was 10 during its heyday) or when videos played on regular rotation on MTV (neither do the rest of us), but the 25-year-old... Read More

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    A Touch of Princess

    Photos by Reneasha Stewart of Reneasha Stewart Photography Bookreneasha@gmail.com | Instagram: @reyoflite Makeup by Amber Wilson | Instagram: @beautybyambrose Hair by Cookie | Instagram: @cookieshair Princess Cureton Boss, Master Hairstylist, Owner of... Read More


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