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It’s incredibly rude to ask someone, “Why are you single?” But we did it anyway – for anecdotal research purposes, of course.

What’s it like to be single in Southern Indiana? The answer depends on whom you ask.


JODY PROCTOR, 47 Manufacturing

JODY PROCTOR, 47 Manufacturing

DESCRIBE YOURSELF: This is never an easy thing to do but here goes: Growing up, I was always the class clown, which never helped my grades but did help me make friends. I still have the same core group of friends I had in high school, although now most of them are married and I’m single. Family and friends are two things I believe in and I’ve been blessed in both areas. I believe in going after your dreams and chasing your passions. I spent a few years crisscrossing the country following mine, teaching kids about the environment. The journey finally led me back home and those dreams were put on hold. I still have the humor of a class clown, but it’s inside of an adult now (although my friends would probably argue about whether I’m an adult now). I see life as being too short, too serious and, quite often, too boring. So put on some Jimmy Buffett, grab a cheeseburger and a cold beer, and go find your Margaritaville!

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE? Mostly, because I choose to be. I’ve never married because I’ve never met someone I wanted to marry. That sounds simple, but I’ve learned there are many reasons people get married. Some do it simply because they’re at a certain age and it’s “time.” I’m an old fashioned, hold out kinda guy. I believe in true love – the kind you feel in your gut. The kind of love when you’re near that person you can’t stop talking with them and when they’re away you can’t stop thinking about them. I’m single because I haven’t met her yet.

BEING SINGLE IS… a pain in the butt. It does allow for a lot of freedoms, though. I can stay out as late as I want, eat cookies in bed and my “honey do” list usually only consists of “put more beer in the fridge.” But going to the movies alone, you look like a turd. Eating at a table alone in a restaurant? Don’t think so. I’ll sit at the bar. Going to church alone? It’s like Walt Disney’s Wonderful Family World. I feel like everyone is there with their beautiful families, and I’m bouncing around with my cup of coffee in a Goofy costume. How about going to a concert alone? Done it, felt like an idiot, won’t do it again. But, I’ve learned being single is better than being with someone who makes you unhappy.

DATING IN AND AROUND SOUTHERN INDIANA IS… better than dating a Kardashian. It hasn’t caused me to go to rehab, overdose on pills in a brothel or change my sexuality, so that’s pretty good. Overall, this area is OK for dating. Southern Indiana is a little small with everyone usually knowing each other, but Louisville offers a larger dating pool with quite a few more date -friendly activities such as concerts, theatres, Irish pubs, etc.



MARK MILES, 37 Customer Care for Blue Cross Blue Shields of New York

Customer Care for Blue Cross Blue Shields of New York


DESCRIBE YOURSELF: I’m just your handsome, charismatic, charming, well dressed, classy, sometimes troublesome, overall wonderful friend Mark!

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE? Haven’t met the person to make me change my status.

BEING SINGLE IS… wonderful as long as you have people you can have fun with.

DATING IN AND AROUND SOUTHERN INDIANA IS… fun because there is a lot to do in this area.








SHIRLEY BAKER, ALMOST 40 Securities Operations Professional (I work at a local trust bank, so think stocks/bonds, not guns/handcuffs.)

SHIRLEY BAKER, ALMOST 40 Securities Operations Professional (I work at a local trust bank, so think stocks/bonds, not guns/handcuffs.)

DESCRIBE YOURSELF: This is so hard, so I asked my friends. They used some words I would have a hard time using for myself. Intelligent. Beautiful soul. Strong. Wonderful/Great Mom. Nice. Fiercely Independent. Beautiful. Determined. Kind. Sassy. Caring. Funny. Bossy. Wonderful sense of humor. Too much Crossfit (There isn’t such a thing). Beast (See previous). Strong willed. Big Boobs (Ha!). Nice Smile. Compassionate. Honest to a fault. Admirable. Audacious. Dedicated. Go-getter. Confident. A few were repeated. I think that tells you something. I’d say the most important is “Mom.” My kiddo is my whole heart. If that’s what people think of when they think of me, then I’m doing something right. “Kind” is probably a close second. “Strong” is kind of cool too. Whether it means physically I can lift really heavy things, or I’m mentally and emotionally strong, I’ll take it. I’ll add that I’m stubborn, passionate, blunt, loving, somewhat liberal, somewhat conservative and assertive.

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE? Sometimes it’s easier to just be single. Dating is hard! I’m happy in the majority of my life. I want someone that will add great conversations, support, and experiences to my life, and I just haven’t met anyone that fits that description where there is a mutual attraction. I definitely don’t want anyone to take anything away from the life that I have now (liars, cheaters, sucky unhappy people). So I choose to not settle. I know there are great men out there. I’ve met some great men. One will come my way when he’s supposed to.

BEING SINGLE IS… great! Being not single is great! Life is great! It’s a blessing – everyone should realize that – single or not. It’s just great to have your person to share those great things with, or it’s great to have a person in your corner when you need them.

DATING IN AND AROUND SOUTHERN INDIANA IS… fun! Kentuckiana has such an abundance of people from all walks of life. It truly is fascinating and fun. We have plenty of fabulous local places to enjoy in New Albany, and if Southern Indiana doesn’t have it, just drive across the bridge. There are great places to meet people for the first time for quick hellos, coffee, walks, and tons of non-traditional dating options. Because face it, folks, dinner and a movie is boring.



CHRISTIE CARVER JONES, 48 Project Manager and Freelance Paralegal

CHRISTIE CARVER JONES, 48 Project Manager and Freelance Paralegal

DESCRIBE YOURSELF: I am an outgoing, genuine, friendly, and independent gal. To sum it up: WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get!). Although I enjoy going out, I also enjoy quiet evenings at home by myself.

WHY ARE YOU SINGLE? Since my divorce, I’ve had two long-distance boyfriends, which didn’t work out because I’m simply not into sharing: My last boyfriend had another girlfriend the whole time we were dating! My time is filled with working, family, and friends. I’m not opposed to dating and a relationship, but it will take one heck of a guy to change all this. I believe it is important to be content not having a partner and then when you do meet somebody, you enhance each other’s life – not complete it. I see so many people rush in and out of relationships because they feel like they have to be in a relationship. Be happy alone first.

BEING SINGLE IS… fun and entertaining!

DATING IN AND AROUND SOUTHERN INDIANA IS… actually, I’ve not been on a real date for over a year.

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