8 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor | June-July 2015

  1. Love, work and (fur) family is always an ongoing balancing act! But as someone wiser than me once said, “It’s the journey not the destination.” Once you have the right travel partner that is easier to recognize, I can say from experience. Geoff and my home is a lifelong project that we are thrilled to have. I was actually grateful for the 3 days we spent staining our two story deck, because I have a two story deck, and a partner who not only is willing to help, but pours me a bath and a glass of wine each night after the work! And love is work, but the best kind. I wish this sort of happiness for everyone, and am so glad you’ve found it!

  2. And soon to add little foot and hand prints. It is call enjoying life! There are so many things we could worry about but why? I think you are on the right track and fact is it only matters what you guys think and feel about it. Take Care Keith Kiper

  3. Amen my friend ! Amen !I always said if there was ever forensic evidence needed on my house with all the people and animal hairs and finger prints ?It may take a few …months !LOL ! We love ya lady ! Keep up your awesome work but never forget to take some time for you and yours !

  4. I just want to say thank you for making me look at my home in a new light! Running to doctors appointments every week, enjoying my 2 beautiful son’s our 4 dogs and trying to maintain a home what will people think has driven me even weaker and unable to enjoy the small stuff. I need to go back enjoy the laughs of camping in the living room, laughing til our bellies hurt, midnight whipcream fights, enjoy the walks with our fur kids.. After all life is what is all about and the unknown time I am given should not be worried about a little dust or dog hair it should be continuing to make memories with my little men. Thank you for the reminder. Much love and happiness to you both and your family. We are all blessed in a different light .

  5. I love this Angie my house is the same with 2 cats & clean dishes in the dish drainer, clothes in the laundry basket need folding with both of us working sometimes the house gets put to the aside but we enjoy each other the house can wait. 🙂

  6. We are a 3 dog loving home and know exactly what you mean and can relate. 4 dogs when get to where were going. We pile into the pickup truck over the river through the woods to grandma’s house we go. Two in the back, a German Shepard mix with a Weimaraner and a Shitzu sitting on the top of the seat with her paws pressing into my shoulder bracing herself when I hit the brakes. We are a good mix with the misses thinking of family back home in the Philippines wondering if her family is home cooking her favorite mill to her nieces wanting coming to America for school.

  7. Angie, great article. I read it and it sounds just like my wife and mines life. Between work, 4 dogs and my 2 daughters when I have them the chores mount up and seems overwhelming. Need to take a step back and realize what is important, and that’s your significant other, family, kids, pets, etc. . Our 4 dogs our are non-biological kids and it makes me happy to see that there are other people out there that care for animals as much as me and my wife do. I’m so happy for you and what you have achieved, happy with your upcoming family and wish you and Jason well.

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