Larry Beisler Sculptures

Larry Beisler

Elizabeth, IN  

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Larry Beisler, was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1953, graduated from Saint Xavier High School and attended Bellarmine University.

Larry has apprenticed for various artists in Louisville, where he learned stone carving and bronze casting.  He is experienced in the creation of scenery and props, doing work for the Louisville Ballet, Stage One and Kentucky Opera.  He does commissions for private individuals,  as well as public sculpture.  A large bas relief sculpture, created as part of the Millennium Project, and located on the town square in Corydon, Indiana, is his largest public work.

Larry lives and creates near Elizabeth, Indiana.  He has shown in many galleries in the Kentuckiana area, and has won recognition in many art competitions.

Inspiration for his abstract forms comes mostly from nature.  Carving is his greatest love.  He has no preconceived idea as to what he is going to create, but lets the stone tell him what it has to reveal.

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