Karl & Jeanine Truman

Injury attorney Karl Truman’s face is one of the most recognizable in Southern Indiana. So is his work protecting and advocating for the rights of veterans.

“As long as I can remember, the two careers I wanted to pursue were being a lawyer or an officer in the United States Army. I am grateful I have had an opportunity to do both,” said Karl, who retired from the Army in 2009 as a lieutenant colonel after 28 years of service.

Karl’s first job was as a deputy prosecuting attorney in Clark County in 1987. A few years later, he purchased a building in Jeffersonville started his own law firm, where he currently works with a team that includes his wife Jeanine, director of client communications at the Karl Truman Law Office in Jeffersonville.

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When not working, the Sellersburg residents enjoy a host of hobbies separately – Karl is a long-distance runner; Jeanine is a yoga enthusiast avid gardener – and together.

“We do a lot of traveling. Sailing is one of our big interests …  What I like is that sailing is about the journey. It’s not the destination; it’s how you get there,” Karl explained. “I spend so much time being connected to Internet and phone and so many demands, sailing is so relaxing because you have to be focused. When you’re out on the ocean there are no phones or emails to be distracted with. You have to chart your course, plot your heading–“

“–and stay in the present moment,” added Jeanine.

The Trumans also enjoy ballroom dancing.

“Talk about a learning curve. I had to learn to follow directions,” laughed Jeanine, “which was really hard because I’m a leader. But he had to be the leader. It was really hard.”

Spending time enjoying shared activities has “helped us become closer. I’m spending my time with my best friend,” Karl said.

“We’re staying connected,” said Jeanine.

We asked the Trumans to help us extol the virtues of Southern Indiana and tell us what keeps them connected to this region.

“I think Southern Indiana has a lot to offer because it’s a good place to raise a family, you have all the benefits of being close to Louisville and a metropolitan area and shopping and restaurants, but yet it (offers a) much more small-town atmosphere. I live in Sellersburg and was on the Sellersburg town council years ago and been active in the community. … It’s got a lot of small-town benefits but being close to Louisville, you have all the big-city benefits, too.” – Karl

“One of our interests is wine and the local dining scene. We focus on patronizing local establishments.” –Karl

“We go to The Bristol (in Jeffersonville) a lot and take wine (tasting) classes with (Master Sommelier) Scott Harper.” –Jeanine

“Real estate is less expensive, taxes are less: There’s a lot to offer on this side of the river.” – Karl

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