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Police Spouses


September 19 was National Thank a Police Officer Day. To show their support, the spouses of officers who serve on the New Albany Police Department scheduled a photo shoot with Tony Bennett Photography. While there is no doubt that many more people support officers than the contrary, those who do not “have definitely been more outspoken,” said Jamie State, whose husband is a NAPD officer. “We hope that our photo serves two purposes: to show our support and that others will realize they are more than a badge.” In addition to the photographs, the spouses also composed a letter.

Officers of the New Albany Police Department, Although it’s not always easy, we share you with the citizens of New Albany. You have missed countless holidays, school plays, sporting events, birthday parties and goodnight kisses. There is never a time you don’t feel compelled to be alert. You sit facing the door at restaurants, constantly survey the crowd at large events and urge us “to take the kids to the car” anytime you see someone or something out of the corner of your eye. You go above and beyond to be good spouses, parents and providers for your family, while also protecting and serving our community. You shop with kids in need to ensure they have the Christmas they deserve, witness tragedies some could not fathom, walk toward danger while others run from it, patrol our schools, work to prevent crime rather than simply respond to it, provide comfort to those in need and resolve common as well as incomprehensible problems. While some believe you are “just doing your job,” we know the enormous joy, as well as sorrow, that your duties can bring. We see your despair during the dark days and optimism on the good. We see you as sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. Most importantly, we see you as the men and woman we are proud to call our spouses, best friends and soul mates. We are thankful for you and proud to share you with the citizens of New Albany.

Much Love from your biggest supporters,

Your Spouses

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