Eventfully Yours w/ Kristy & Laurie | Episode 2: Centerpiece of Attention

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Eventfully Yours w/ Kristy & Laurie | Episode 2: Centerpiece of Attention

How to wow your wedding guests:  Kristy and Laurie talk  attention-getting centerpieces with Merci Bouquet.  The Pepin Mansion History B&B provide the perfect backdrop for this podcast.

Kristy, the socialite. Laurie, the expert. Together, we dish about all things event-related…. From the current trends to the when, where and how to have it — Along with who to use!

Eventfully Yours with Kristy Miles-Pearson and Laurie Haag is brought to you by Eventful 203 and presented by Extol Podcasting.

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eventful203LOGO (3) webLocated in beautiful, historic New Albany, Indiana, Eventful 203 is a truly unique Meeting and Wedding Planning Resource Center focused on creating a relaxed and inspired way of planning your events.

Laurie Hagglaurie@eventful203.com | 502.905.3054 | www.eventful203.com

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Merci Bouquet


502•541•7016 | info@merci-bouquet.com
Amy Jo Goforth & Carrie Foster | Owners

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1003 E. Mail Street | New Albany, Indiana | www.pepinmansion.com

The Pepin Mansion, located in New Albany, offers a wonderful ambiance for your dream day.
Call (502) 777-1454 | Melinda Leach | mleachpepinmansion@gmail.com | Event Coordinator

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Intro Background music provided by: (Copyrighted music by ‘jonathang2’ shared at www.SampleSwap.org) Creative Commons ‘Attribution Share Alike’ licensed. See: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ |Artist: J Green |  Licensed as: by-nd | Title: 10-18-2014 with voice over by Kristy Miles-Pearson and Laurie Haag

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