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VYCKI GOLDENBERG-MINSTEIN AND HER BROTHER LARRY LEVINE brought Massage Envy to Louisville in 2007, and along with it the benefits of regular massage. Now, they have expanded the business to Clarksville, making it even easier for Southern Indiana residents to access the numerous blissful benefits.

Regular massage – which Levine said occurs when someone schedules a massage at least once a month– can help with headaches, anxiety, stress-induced insomnia, arthritis and more. “There is a client who has Fibromyalgia and she has been probably our most regular customer,” he said. “She comes weekly and has for eight years. She says she would give up food before (giving up) her weekly massage.…

We (the Massage Envy team) have a purpose, and we help people feel better.” The team has seen clients with arthritis and other ailments come in to a session with crippling pain or discomfort, and watch them walk out the door an hour later feeling refreshed and renewed. “(Some) people who couldn’t drive a car before now can use their arms and legs,” Levine said. “That’s the part that I love the most.”

While Levine manages the massage therapy team, Goldenberg-Minstein works with the estheticians. “We are a lovely facility,” she said, “but we aren’t the ‘frou frou’ spa. We are really a wellness center, and that’s the big difference.”

Wellness involves maintaining your health from all angles, and the pairing of massage with skin care is a partnership that should be a priority for anyone who wants to look and, more importantly, feel better. Massage Envy makes itself so financially accessible because they are focused on making changes in people’s health, not trying to appeal exclusively to the luxuriously wealthy.

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