Business 101 | Eileen Yanoviak, Ph.D

screen-shot-2018-10-08-at-9-55-04-amEileen Yanoviak, Ph.D.


Carnegie Center for Art and History


Boards, volunteer or community work:

My life is dedicated to non-profit community work every day! I also serve on the Board of the Southeastern College Art Conference; Generation WOW Mentor; former Big Brothers Big Sisters Arts Workplace Mentor.


In terms of growth and economic development, where would you like to see Southern Indiana in 10 years?

I would like to see the arts and culture sector in Southern Indiana experience exponential growth. The arts enhance quality of life and build a creative capital that attracts and retains talent for regional businesses. The arts are valuable contributors to the business economy­–$61 billion nationwide each year. Southern Indiana can have a bigger piece of that pie.


Who or what motivates you?

My passion for putting art and history in the hands and minds of more people, regardless of race, gender, age, and socio-economics, is the core principle that motivates me every day. Artists and historians are storytellers – how can I share those stories more broadly?


What habits/routines have helped with your success?

I am a connector, and I always see the potential for collaboration. We all succeed when businesses, organizations and people connect to leverage talent and resources. Nonprofits like the Carnegie necessarily run lean, so we rely on the human energy and financial generosity that our partners provide. In turn, we champion our business supporters and celebrate our non-profit peers.


What pushes you through your most difficult times?

An educator at heart, I am privileged to lead an institution that teaches and inspires people every day. I am constantly reenergized by our mission to engage, inform, and connect. The big picture guides me through everyday challenges.


What are you most proud of professionally?

I am especially proud of the Carnegie’s recent success raising funds to expand and enhance children’s programs and outreach. Stay tuned! Personally, I am proud of succeeding professionally while being a mother. Balancing a family and professional life requires practical skills like efficiency and adaptability. More importantly, parenthood fosters empathy and compassion that permeate the workplace.

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