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screen-shot-2018-10-08-at-9-55-13-amCheryl “Cricket” Koetter


Cricket’s Cafe


Boards, volunteer or community work:

I’ve volunteered in many platforms, but most recently, I’m the founder of the Bryson A. Melton Forward Foundation, which is dedicated to helping families in financial need after experiencing medical emergencies or tragic circumstances; chaired several Our Lady of Perpetual Help fundraisers; raised money for, performed in and won the 2016 Dancing with Our Southern Indiana Stars event benefiting Hosparus Health and judged the 2018 competition.


In terms of growth and economic development, where would you like to see Southern Indiana in 10 years?

I know the question was about Southern Indiana, but I feel like most of our area is moving forward in these aspects. However, I feel like our lack of a better high school here in town is holding back growth and development. Don’t mistake what I am saying. I love this community and the people in it! However, I feel like our local school needs an overhaul. I grew up here, I live here, I work and own my business here. Our high school needs major attention. Somehow, we all need to let whatever needs to be done get done. I’m unsure as to why we can’t get it together enough to proceed forward.


Who or what motivates you?

Success motivates me. Not monetary success, but success of people I love bettering the

community and helping other people to succeed.


What habits/routines have helped with your success?

I am an early riser. My bed is made every day and no laying around in or on it later in the day either. I’m very strong-willed, sometimes to a fault. Most importantly, I have a very strong work ethic. This was ingrained in me long, long ago. I was taught that education was important but most important was the fire in your belly and how hungry you were for success! This helped me become a registered nurse (RN) at an early age and move on to business endeavors later in my 30s.


What pushes you through your most difficult times?

Faith and the will to push myself even just five more minutes when I desperately want to throw in the towel.


What are you most proud of professionally?

Professionally, I am most proud of the trail I am blazing. I am proud to be an RN, and I loved, loved, loved helping to care for and educate people in the medical setting. However, I am also proud of the companies we have built in our community and giving people a place to come to and enjoy a great breakfast or lunch while seeing their neighbors, friends and family. I feel like Cricket’s has finally made itself a name and is recognized more and more but still holds the mom-and-pop shop persona.

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