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screen-shot-2018-10-08-at-9-54-56-amStefanie Griffith


Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique

*I am part-owner of Strandz & Threadz with my two sisters, Stacy Tunnell and Julie Young


Boards, volunteer or community work:

I currently serve on SoIN Tourism Board, 1si Ambassador, Champion Connector and Chair of 1si SoIN to Weddings group, Falls of the Ohio Leadership Council, Prosser Cosmetology Advisory Group and past board member/vice president/president of Develop New Albany.


In terms of growth and economic development, where would you like to see Southern Indiana in 10 years?  

I would love to see all empty buildings filled with local, family-owned businesses, the continued improved living spaces in the main areas of down and uptown New Albany and the K & I bridge open for pedestrians making the Greenway a complete circle. I’d like to see all of this while keeping our same level of hometown hospitality that we have now.


Who or what motivates you?  

My family. I want to provide an area that they will be proud to raise their families one day, and I always enjoy a good challenge.


What habits/routines have helped with your success? 

Most people tell me it is I always try to stay positive and see the good in people, places and things.


What pushes you through your most difficult times?  

My husband’s continuous support and honesty. He never lets me play a victim. Oh, and a lot of beer sometimes, LOL!


What are you most proud of professionally? 

I am very proud that my two brothers, two sister and myself (The Lenfert 5) took a chance almost 25 years ago and purchases the current home of Strandz & Threadz on Vincennes Street. Our parents, Betty and Paul Lenfert, taught us, “Take care of your community and it will take care of you,” and it has. From our awesome team of ladies we have at Strandz to all our wonderful clients, we have had the pleasure to serve in a growing area that I am proud to have helped take part in reviving over the years.

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