Black History Month 2.20.2021

We’re loving the response we’re getting from our Celebrating Black History Month series, brought to you by Samtec and MAC Construction, and will continue sharing SoIN content. But tonight, we want to highlight the magic Facebook is creating and sharing daily. This is just one of many beautiful portraits and features of Black history makers of today.

“Portrait of Yelitsa” by Sablā S. & Sabrina C.As the CEO and founder of Healthy Roots Dolls, Yelitsa J.C. is writing Black History by bringing curl power to the toy aisle and inspiring the next generation to embrace their Black Girl Magic every day.“In undergrad, I did research about the impact that toys have on children’s self-esteem,” says Yelitsa J.C. She saw a gap in the market, and that’s when the idea for Healthy Roots Dolls was born. “I wanted to create a line of dolls that focused on teaching girls to love their natural hair with different skin tones, facial features and hair textures.”The first prototype, Zoey, was about more than just painting a doll brown. Zoey teaches young children how to love their curls through the process of play. Now on her Facebook page, Yelitsa J.C. shares the joy that Healthy Roots Dolls has sparked across her community daily. “For you to give a little Black girl a doll with kinky, curly hair, just like hers, now she can truly explore and see a world of styles that she might have not believed could be for her,” says Yelitsa J.C. “To show children the art of their hair and the narrative they can tell, it’s incredibly powerful.”Discover more about Black Girl Magic at

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