Town of Clarksville to Provide Jeffersonville Township Public Library $75,000

screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-11-59-56-amThe Town of Clarksville Redevelopment Commission approved the resolution and reimbursement funding agreement to provide the Jeffersonville Township Public Library $75,000 for purchasing and installing new technology equipment as part of their ongoing renovations and facility expansion project.

The Clarksville Branch of the Jeffersonville Township Public Library is undergoing an expansion project featuring a 1,723-square foot extension and an abundance of new technology. These renovations include: a large new meeting room capable of being partitioned into 2 smaller rooms, 3 new study rooms, a mobile laptop lab containing 10 laptops, 12 additional public computers, RFID and self-checkout capabilities, and new ethernet and HDMI cabling to provide internet connectivity to the area.

“I believe Clarksville is an example of how tax increment financing (TIF) can be used most effectively.” said A.D Stonecipher, Redevelopment Commission president. “TIF Districts need not be in competition with local taxing districts. Out of respect for the taxpayer, these districts can act as partners. I am very pleased that the Redevelopment Commission has agreed to unanimously support an upgrade to public library technology. Today, in an age of digital information, we still honor the vision of Thomas Jefferson who once wrote that public knowledge is the surest foundation ‘for the preservation of freedom and happiness.’”

The Clarksville Branch project will not only support the Jeffersonville Township Public Library’s mission to identify and meet the informational, entertainment, and technological needs of the community, but will also increase the availability and impact of the educational and other programs that prepare individuals to participate in the competitive and global economy.

“The library is most appreciative of the support from the Town of Clarksville Redevelopment Commission,” said Libby Pollard, director of the Jeffersonville Township Public Library. “The upgrades and addition of technology at the Clarksville Branch Library will help insure that the residents of Clarksville have access to the latest technology. We will also utilize a new mobile lab to teach classes on email, internet, and Microsoft Office applications such as, Microsoft Word. These classes will help Clarksville residents stay current with ever-changing technology.”

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