SoIN Style with Kye Hoen

President and Owner of Kye’s

Photo by Danny Alexander

Whenever I am choosing something to wear I always think, “Is it fun? Am I comfortable? Is it current? Is it classy?”

What I love most about Southern Indiana are the people. I taught school here for 14 years, owned and operated my business for 23 years and lived here for over 50 years. The relationships and bonds that I have been fortunate enough to develop over the years are one of my life’s greatest joys. The small town feel with big city amenities very close by is such a positive – and of course “my” river.

Most people don’t know that I once did the dance the Y.M.C.A with the Cowboy from the Village People. Also, I am a licensed and ordained minister and have had the pleasure to officiate many marriage ceremonies at Kye’s and elsewhere.

My life quote is “No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.”

My professional goal, as it has been for 23 years, is to strive to improve Kye’s and the service we offer our clients. Personally, my goal is to appreciate each day, no matter what it brings and to truly live in the moment.

Even though my Mother passed away several years ago, her influence has remained with me throughout my life. She taught me to work hard, always be a lady and above all else love with all my heart.


500 Missouri Avenue



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