1 thought on “Single in Southern Indiana: Keeping the Faith

  1. Although you are not asking for advice…having known women who married the attractive, young guy. Then divorcing in their prime of life, after parenting beautiful children and together building the start of a good life, but still needing to go “find” themselves. They split up and she goes and marries the “logical choice”…the man who can provide much better “things”. Yes, she ends up with a split family, but she is well provided for. Now, to me, it seems MORE LOGICAL to start out with the “logical choice—one who can provide for you AND who has already sewn their wild oats. Love is a choice rather than a feeling, you can love whomever you choose too. It makes more sense to love someone who can, and is willing to, care deeply for you and provide a good life for the two of you and any children that may come. In today’s relationships, look how easy it is to “unlove” someone after they hurt or reject you. That isn’t true love; that is infatuation, which almost always fades. Relationships take work and you get out of it what you put in to it.

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