Photo by Jason Applegate

Nearly 1 out of every 4 Americans 16 years and older volunteer their time in some way to charitable causes. Utah has the highest percentage of volunteers (43 percent); Louisiana ranks last (18.43 percent). Indiana (26.9 percent) falls somewhere in the middle. Aside from the obvious benefit of volunteering – helping others – there are plenty of gains for volunteers themselves, including an increase in happiness, better health and developing new skills. It doesn’t hurt that those who volunteer their time also report feeling like they have more of it in much the same that people who donate money to charity report feeling wealthier. The Extol Magazine Team is eager to highlight individuals and organizations who are setting an example through their dedication to helping others – like Floyds Knobs residents Jeannie and Victor “Vic” Unruh (pictured). If you know a group or person who deserves to be acknowledged for how they give back, send an email to and include “Example” in the subject line.

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Harvard Business Review

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