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acr5516202132275258219BY ANGIE FENTON

My husband and I were in downtown New Albany and had exactly 30 minutes to find a place for lunch, park, eat and get back on the road to an appointment 5 minutes away. Fast food wasn’t an option (if you read our last issue, you’ll know I’ve lost 50 pounds and have worked too hard for my health gains). While there are numerous options in the heart of the city, we needed speedy service and craved food that was tasty and healthy, too.

“I know where we’re going,” said my hubby, as he maneuvered into an open spot on Bank Street. A few moments later, we were inside Roadrunner Kitchen.

Co-owned by Sarah Hastings and Stacie Henehan Bale, the restaurant has a zillion “grab and go” options that include wraps, sandwiches, sides and salads.

Despite our hurry, we opted to order from the kitchen anyway and were so glad we did.

The husband, who had eaten breakfast only a couple hours before, opted for a side of made-to-order Hummus and Warm Pita ($3.50) with a fragrant cup of Curried Lentil Soup ($3.25). I chose an RK Gyro ($7.50), featuring local steak, crunchy romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber and house-made tzatziki sauce on a warm pita with a cup of Farmer’s Market Vegetable Soup ($3.25). Yes, the contents had been purchased at the famed New Albany Farmers Market.

Within minutes, our orders were served. Because the husband and I were soon headed to a meeting, we’d both buried our heads in our phones and laptop (his) and iPad (mine) to bone up on talking points. But once the delicious dishes were served, we set the electronics aside and – eyeing the lack of time we had – ate, smiled as we indulged, shared and enjoyed.

And we’ll do it again soon, whether our schedules are frenetic or not. Roadrunner Kitchen is doing it right. Grab and go or go enjoy, but go.


145 E. Main St.

New Albany

Open 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday

@roadrunnerkitchen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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