River City Winery Crab Cakes


By Angie Fenton

Photo by Josh Keown

One of my favorite date or girls night spots is River City Winery,

which is located in the historic Baer Building in downtown New

Albany. Owner Gary Humphrey restored the building and opened

to the public in 2009 – and there are plenty of reasons why his

business is still going strong. For starters: the wine. Produced

and bottled in the basement, the numerous varieties ensure

there’s something for every preference (I love the Chardonel).

Wine tastings and wine cellar tours are available.

The pet-friendly patio offers prime viewing of Bicentennial

Park and is a coveted locale in warm weather months. And,

despite it being a winery, kids are always welcome.

When it comes to food, River City Winery’s Brick Oven

Pizzas are delicious (try the Roasted Pear & Blue Cheese…my

mouth watered just typing that). The pies are 20 percent off

on Sunday and Tuesday and if you like ordering to share, the

Charcuterie Plate is always a hit. So, too, are the Hummus and

Classic Caprese Stack.

But – the must-try item on the menu is the Pan Seared Crab

Cake. I’ve yet to find a crab cake that can even halfway compare.

Cooked to perfection every single time, the massive cake comes

topped with black eyed pea corn salsa, Sriracha lime aioli and

cilantro, and is so visually beautiful, I always take a moment

(and a photo) to appreciate it before taking that first bite.

River City Winery is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through

Thursday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

River City Winery

321 Pearl St.

New Albany



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