News Release – Purdue Announces Local BoilerMAKER Showcase – Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Purdue Announces Local BoilerMAKER Showcase

Purdue Polytechnic New Albany is hosting the community for Purdue’s annual BoilerMAKER Showcase, an event – targeted to the community – that showcases student innovative projects. The event will be from 1:00-3:00 PM, in New Albany, at the Purdue Technology Center’s Shine Family Conference Room.

“The BoilerMAKER Showcase is an opportunity for Polytechnic students to show off their hard work on projects from the last year,” said Joseph Dues, Jr., associate professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology at Purdue in New Albany. “Our classes include real projects from local industry and this is a chance to see the results of those partnerships in the form of prototypes, media and other solutions.”

Through conference style posters and demonstrations of individual and team-based projects, Purdue students will share their projects with the community.

“People ask all of the time what ‘Polytechnic’ means,” said Andrew Takami, director of Purdue in New Albany. “It’s our broad-based approach, using many technologies, to solve real-world problems through innovative solutions,” he said. “The Showcase is very much a mini maker faire.”

In conjunction with Purdue, the event is sponsored by the Duke Energy Foundation.

Purdue Polytechnic New Albany is one of nine locations in Indiana that offer the College’s degree programs across the state, through West Lafayette. More than 250 students are enrolled in the Greater Louisville Region – on the New Albany campus – in one of eight bachelor degree programs.

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