MESA Continues To Heat Up Downtown New Albany


“So You Think You Can Cook?” Competition Garners Big Response, Helps Others


IF YOU HAVEN’T EXPERIENCED MESA, a Collaborative Kitchen, you’re missing out.

The New Albany hotspot continues to garner rave reviews and churn out memorable experiences for foodies of all ages with events and experiences designed to make memories.

Recently, MESA hosted its first-ever “So You Think You Can Cook?” contest, which culminated in a competition that pitted three local amateur cooks against one another, guided by notable chefs.

Thanks to Food Sponsor GFS, rookie cook Christopher Rojas presented a pureed Parsnip Soup with Veggies under the advise of Chef Dallas McGarity. Team Liz Martino’s cooking contestant SaraRose Hornung served a Lamb Chop with Potatoes and a Squash Puree with a Red Wine Reduction Sauce. And amateur cook Catrina Hill wowed with a Pork Belly with Chili Sauce under the tutelage of Chef Eric Morris.

“We were blown away by the local buy-in for the event,” said MESA co-owner Bobby Bass. “The number of brave contestants and their families was overwhelming. So many of them and the chefs had such a great time. We will be doing this again, and we cannot wait.”

After a compilation vote that included online voting, guests at the finale and Extol Magazine’s resident foodie Jason Applegate (whose input was only to break a tie, which didn’t happen), Catrina Hill was named the winner of the inaugural event.

“I am extremely impressed with the local talent we have in Kentuckiana,” said Ysha Bass, who co-owns MESA. “We had people come as far as from Bowling Green, Ky., on a bus to compete (in the first rounds). It was such a fun event not only for the contestants but also for the families and friends that watched online or came to experience it.”

In addition to Hill’s win, Blessings in a Backpack will benefit from the competition, too, Ysha Bass added. “This was a wonderful way to bring the community together, and we are looking forward to next year.”


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