Make It Count with Rodefer Moss & Co., PLLC | Real Estate Accounting Solutions: Alleviating Accounting Headaches for Commercial Property Management

By Leah Driver, CPA Manager, Rodefer Moss & Co, PLLC

Many commercial property managers and owners spend a great deal of their time out of the office visiting properties.  This can make it difficult to keep up with their accounting and record keeping. While at a property they may need access to “real time” financial data.  Larger companies may have an employee handling these responsibilities in the office.  However, this doesn’t always alleviate the problem.  The employee may be behind in their bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities due to other office duties, or simply out of the office. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an accounting department without having to hire or retain employees and have your real-time financial data accessible 24/7? Real Estate Accounting Solutions (REAS) can do just that and much more!  REAS is a full service outsourced property management solution.  REAS is an affiliate of Rodefer Moss & Co, PLLC, one of the largest CPA firms in the region with over 50 years of business in the Southern Indiana and Louisville area.

REAS is a cloud-based solution with web portals for investors and owners, allowing real-time access to your property management data from any location 24 hours a day.  REAS provides accounting and organization tools for the property management process and is a great tool for any group, regardless of size.

Key Features

Property management professionals can outsource their day to day accounting and focus on what they do best.  Here some, but not all, of the great features and capabilities of REAS.

  • Financial Reporting, Bank Reconciliations
  • Accounting of Current & Future Leases
  • CAM Reconciliation
  • Rent Roll
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

Tailored to your Needs

This software solution accompanied by our CPA’s with real estate accounting expertise brings a full outsourced solution to property management, lease management, vendor management and accounting service.

Property Type

Does your property fit the model of a REAS candidate?  There are many property types we can customize this feature to work with.  The following list includes examples of REAS candidates.

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Shopping Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Properties


Pricing for REAS is based on rental revenues and their associated management fees.  The pricing is beneficial to both large and small developments.  As properties experience high tenant occupancies and profitable rental rates, REAS fees remain an incremental cost.  Likewise, pricing for this outsourced tool is great for smaller companies and start-ups, as the fees are percentage-based rather than flat fee.  Fees for this accounting solution are highly competitive for larger companies with existing accounting functions, as well as in smaller companies who simply cannot afford to hire internal accounting staff. Let REAS help you Increase accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings with “real-time” 24/7 access to your financial data from wherever you happen to be when you need it!

For More information on REAS or Rodefer Moss, please contact us.

Matt Brown, CPA  Partner               812-981-3436

Leah Driver, CPA Manager               812-981-3442




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