Mahmoud “Allam” Ahmed & Carrie Foster Ahmed 2.4.17

ahmed7 ahmed6
Photography by April Martin and various friends

I was working at a restaurant and decided to stay after work one night for a cocktail or two. He was at the bar, not-so-discreetly eyeing me down. A bit later, after some liquid courage, I asked him to join me outside with my friends for some drinks. We talked about all kinds of things and my friends just seemed to disappear despite the fact they were still present. We were wrapped up in each other immediately.

I fell in love quickly, but truth be told, he had just recently found himself single. So, we took it pretty slow at first. There was never a specific moment. It was an eventual realization that we didn’t want to be apart. It was definitely more of a gradual build-up of mutual adoration.
ahmed2Our wedding was at The Loft in New Albany. It was a fusion of Old Hollywood glamour and Ancient Egypt that we called “Luxorius: The Starlett and her Pharoh.” It was dripping with rhinestones and
pearls, bathed in candlelight and accented with silver, gold, blush and black. Everyone was instructed to wear formal attire or a crazy costume. Absolutely no casual clothing was allowed. I think everyone should make their weddings

interactive like this because people had so much fun dressing up. They really felt a part of it, and it made it a super special event for everyone. Egyptian touches were sprinkled about to include my husband’s heritaahmed3ge, and they were all a surprise for him. We had a henna artist, a bellydancer, a pyramid cake and some fun props for the photobooth with the hashtag #blingtut.

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