It’s All in the Details

Pictured: Rob Osborne’s personally-designed Modern Craftsman residence is an eclectic take on a traditional style home.

By Stacy Thomas | Courtesy Photos

For Rob Osborne, building a home starts with a good foundation, and by foundation, he means a concrete relationship with his customers.

Details 2Osborne, who has a reputation for exceptional personalized attention to detail, is the owner and founder of Details Consulting Group. The company specializes in turnkey designing and building of new construction homes and remodeling, as well as consultation services, on-site selection and any part of the home-building process. “I believe in building the relationship first – before the house,” said Osborne. “I’m not selling consulting. I’m designing a lifestyle choice that expresses exactly who my clients are and how they live. I do something different than most people.”

Indeed he does. Osborne makes a point to schedule personal meetings with prospective clients at their current home. He asks comprehensive questions to find out exactly how they function within their space, as well as their personal interests, hobbies and the details clients believe will make their next home special and unique.

“When you meet nice people, you want to do nice things for them. I have an engineering background,” Osborne said. “Anybody can build cookie cutter. It’s the details that interest and inspire me. A design also has to make sense to me. I have turned down remodeling jobs in the past because it was not the right fit.”

What sets Osborne apart is that he gets to be part of the project from fruition to completion. “Some architects and draftsmen design a plan and move on to the next project. They never really know if they got it right or wrong. The satisfaction we get from our work and the relationships we develop make our own lives better. Building a home is an investment; it is a very personal thing … therefore, I have to also be personally invested.”

Details 1Details Consulting Group guarantees the best home at the best price. They pride themselves on building on time and on budget. Osborne earned the nickname “Mr. Details” due to his demanding attention to detail. Over the years he has won numerous awards for his work, including Best of Show, Best Kitchen, Best Overall Design and many more. Details Consulting Group is focused on adhering to clients’ budgets.

“Just because I offer the best home at the best price does not mean it is more expensive. I can work with any budget,” Osborne said. “You can get good quality materials at any price point.”

May 2016 will mark three years since Osborne moved into his personally-designed Modern Craftsman residence, an eclectic take on a traditional style home located in Floyds Knobs. “In my previous home, I went to New Orleans for about a month for some research. I bought furnishings fitting of a 100-year-old home and designed around them. Building that home was very personal for me. It took me almost two years to disconnect from that house.”

His current home is just around the corner – literally less than two miles away in the same community where he and his distinctive houses are well known. In fact, Osborne recently scheduled a meeting with a prospective new client who happened to knock on his door one Sunday while on a walk in the neighborhood and inquired about Osborne’s house.

Details 3“At the end of the day, I am glad to be home in a space I created. It makes me happy,” Osborne said. “I am grateful.”

Osborne says he is inspired by all home design – old and new – but mostly works on building new homes. “Older homes are more challenging to remodel. As time goes on, there are fewer older homes to remodel. Clients tend to gravitate toward things they have seen before: design, layout, materials, etc. I can replicate that for them, but I prefer to upgrade.”

Among Osborne’s goals for 2016: opening a design center in Highlander Point in Floyds Knobs, which Details Consulting Group has already accomplished. “I am really excited and looking forward to this next year. I have been blessed. I hope this year brings more challenging projects. Thanks to my mechanical engineering background, I love to problem solve. When a client lets me express myself, they truly get my best. I love making their dreams come to life.”

For Osborne, life really is all in the details.

“Passion for what you do is expressed in all of the fine details. I don’t have a choice. … Details are a crucial part of the way my brain works and everything in my life works. I pay attention. I can’t turn it off. … I don’t know when I stop or when I start.”

Details 4Details Consulting Group encourages all new and prospective clients to see their work, talk to past customers and call them with any opportunity, question or concern that could lead to their best possible home. “In my experience,” said Osborne, “it’s all of the small things that add up to be the big thing that sets us apart. It’s all in the details.”



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