Floyds Knobs Field Trip

By JD Dotson

The mid-March day was mild in

temperature but gray and drizzling

early. My husband and I wanted to have

a good day together, lunch and time

spent outside, maybe coffee and share

a dessert later, but decided to just

grab a bite as the weather was against

us. Today would definitely be a day of

pleasant surprises.

aWe started our day with lunch at Sam’s Tavern

at Highlander Point. We’ve been to Sam’s in the

past and have always enjoyed our meals there, but

today I wondered what I could find to eat. Summer

is coming, so I am being careful with my diet, and

I am always looking for a healthy option. Sam’s has

a pretty great lunch menu with $8 and $9 options

as well as the full restaurant menu. Mostly filled

with salads and sandwiches, the lunch menu had

a variety of options to pick from, including fried

fish and clams with French fries and broiled lemon

pepper cod with rice and broccoli. As much as I love

a fried anything, I chose the chopped kale salad

with salmon. My other half went with a light lunch

of pot roast and mashed potatoes with a cup of the

most delicious broccoli cheddar soup I’ve had in

a long time. My salad was really beautiful, and if

I wasn’t writing about it for this story, I would’ve

taken a picture of it anyway. Topped with carrots,

purple cabbage, red onion, edamame, sunflower

seeds, cashews, blueberries and dried cranberries

with kale, I opted for blackened salmon and finished

it off with balsamic vinaigrette. This was a huge

salad with just the right proportion of everything

on it and plenty left over to take home for later.

What a great surprise finding so many healthy

options. Jonny loved his pot roast as well. The

lunch menu is available 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday

through Saturday. We had a great lunch, fantastic

service and noted on the way out that Sam’s has

a pet-friendly front porch. Our pups are coming

along on the next trip.

Sam’s Tavern

702 Highlander Point Drive

Floyds Knobs



bThe drizzle had fizzled by the time lunch was

done, so we headed up to the Mount St Francis.

It has been a few years since I had been there,

so I was looking forward to walking the grounds

and paths. I was worried about the gray day and

the lack of color in the woods, just a few weeks

shy of trees blooming, but again was surprised

after getting out of the car and being greeted by

vibrant, yellow Easter lilies and beautiful, dusty

pink Lenten roses. The Cordelier Park Stations of

the Cross and Grotto path right off the parking lot

was sprinkled with the yellow lilies standing out

amongst the gray and brown. Along the path to the

stations of the cross were charming, flat tableau

sculptures done by school children cast in bronze,

and the stations were marked with large wooden

signs, bridges and statues of St Francis of Assisi.

Just off the stations’ path and down in a gulley,

we come across a beautiful sight of a reclining St.

Francis, sandals a few feet away, gazing at a spring.

The bronze statue by Guy Tedesco is surrounded

by lilies and, despite the sound of traffic on the

road across the hill, gives this feeling of quiet and

peace and contemplation. After a few moments

of reflection, we head back toward the parking

lot to take Peggy’s Path. Paved and winding, the

trail leads down to the lake with decks and docks

reaching over the water, a huge fire pit and shelter

house, and rows of canoes. The lake and path

were quiet today, though the water was like glass.

Behind us, the buildings and field looked like a

Wyeth painting, the wind moving the yellow grass

and the buildings off in the distance. We made

our way back toward the main campus, peeked

in the windows of the ceramics studio and Mary

Anderson Center, which offers pottery classes on

Mondays and Wednesdays, and headed to the car.

101 St Anthony Drive

Mt St Francis


cWe deserved a bit of a treat after all that walking,

and even though I am trying to watch what I eat, I

like to make deals with myself. I just walked a couple

of hilly miles, and I ate really good at lunch, so if

I share something sweet it doesn’t really count –

right? We found Hob Knob Coffee at the bottom of

the hill and ordered in-house roasted coffees and

a delicious cheese Danish. The place was homey,

and the huge coffee grinder is an impressive piece

of machinery. The owners were super friendly, and

our coffees were perfectly brewed. Both were a

great caffeinated and sugar-high ending to a day

we thought would be a wash. We love surprises

like that!

3700 Paoli Pike #12

Floyds Knobs



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