Christi Lynne Crecelius & Halee Niccole Crecelius 7.7.17

Photography by Katie Babbage 

Chcrec2risti: We initially came to know of one another – embarrassing as it is –on Tinder. I had just moved back home from living out in Sacramento for five years. I transferred army units from Indiana to Vallejo, Ca., so I could travel and experience something different after living in a small town all my life. It was a great experience and it made me grow a lot as a person, but it was time to come home because even the best of experiences don’t have the same appeal when you’re away from your family and loved ones. Being kind of new to my hometown again, I wanted to meet new people mostly for friends but I was open to meeting someone on a romantic level. I came across Halee’s profile and of course swiped right because she was clearly gorgeous. I was lucky
shcrec3e thought my goofy butt was worth a swipe right and we just started talking. Even after just a short time talking with her via Tinder I knew there was something about her. I invited her to my mom’s birthday party The decking to the pool was all lit up really beautifully, and as we walked further back toward this huge willow tree, we saw hundreds of fireflies. We were also accompanied by a beautiful full moon that set the mood that much more. As we came closer and our conversation grew deeper, I was overtaken by her everything.

Halee: Fourteen days after we first met, Christi and I had an amazing night at what we now call our home. We decided itcrec4 was time to get to know one another a little more and to open up a bottle of wine and talk. Well, that one bottle turned into three or four bottles! (LOL) She didn’t have a bottle opener in the house and instead of going to buy one, she decided to tap the neck of the bottle on the porch outside. It was successful because we drank a few bottles. That night was one of the most perfect nights of my life. We talked for hours and shared our deepest, darkest secrets. It was the same night we said, “I love you” to one another. From that night on I knew I was in love with her, and we were inseparable.

Our wedding was planned with a lot of patience and a lot of wine. A lot of the ideas that we come up with for the wedding was from blending great ideas from Pinterest as well as our own ideas and what we envisioned for our special day. We really had a DIY wedding. We had help from friends and family and our day couldn’t have been possible without them.


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