Carrie Klaus: New Albany Township Board

Sponsored: Carrie Klaus for New Albany Township Board

Carrie Klaus is a local downtown business owner and resident, as well as the founder of 3SoINdivisible, a mentor with the New Albany Floyd County Schools Mentor Mii program, and an active participant in several other local non-profit organizations. She is also a wife and mother of two.

Carrie and her husband moved their family from the suburbs to downtown New Albany partly to expose their children to a more diverse population in the community, so that her kids will grow up recognizing that regardless of socioeconomic class, race or history, we all have a shared humanity.

Carrie has a vision of our community as one that centers that shared humanity over anything else, a community where each individual is treated with dignity and respect. Carrie believes that a community can thrive when we lift each other up. She believes that a community can thrive when we don’t prioritize resources over people.

Carrie has the passion and drive to bring this vision to life and make New Albany a thriving community for all of us.

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Paid for by the Carrie For New Albany campaign.

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