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Bernheim Forest is located 20 minutes south of Louisville; take Exit 112 from I-65. Head east for approximately one mile on HWY 245 (KY S.R. 245/Clermont Road); the entrance is on the right-hand side of the road.

I got in my car fairly early and drove from downtown Louisville to Bernheim Forest. I wanted to get my run in fairly early before the heat of the afternoon crept up on me. I parked in the first lot I came to and stretched. I am fairly familiar with Bernheim, but today’s run would take me to parts unknown. I am not the strongest or fastest runner by any stretch, but I am a firm follower of a few personal running rules. One: I need a good playlist that keeps me moving. Two: I always listen to my body on a run, but rarely my head, meaning when the option to take the steep hill or the long, long way around presents itself, even though I want the easy route, I always take the harder option. And three: Like the Robert Frost poem, I always take the path less traveled. Bernheim is a perfect exercise in steep hills, paths less traveled and the opportunity for exploration. I got so lost and loved every bit of it.



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502.681.5615 | 554 S. Fourth St. | Louisville

The last time I set foot in a mall was to get my Mac repaired at the apple store; I couldn’t get out of there quick enough. Luckily, Louisville and Southern Indiana are rich with local entrepreneurs and artists with stores and galleries full of handmade and unique finds. One of my favorites is Gifthorse on South Fourth Street. Owners Butch Sager and Shawn Beirne have filled their shop with a collection of curated objects from locals as well as vendors around the globe; men’s and women’s clothing and accessories; jewelry; and art. I am really digging their line of TokyoMilk Dark cologne, lotion and lip balm. The scent Bulletproof – smoked tea, coconut milk, crushed cedar and ebony woods – is my favorite. The smell is earthy and delicious, and the packaging is dark and beautiful. When I stopped in recently, I planned on running in, taking a few quick photographs and leaving, but instead ended up milling around the boutique for 30 minutes and buying a shirt from Alicia Hardesty’s Original Tomboy line, not to mention smelling much better than when I entered.



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732 W. Market St. | Louisville

Brand new on East Market Street is the already-popular Galaxie, located in the Green Building. The food menu is fairly small and also fairly amazing. I have tried nearly everything on it, and have mad dreams about Jazzmatazz, which consists of a fried local egg, sweet potato, sage, harissa, feta and cilantro on Galaxie Bread. The real deal in my book, however, is the cocktail list. The Stormtrooper is a perfect mix of rum, ginger beer, lime and allspice complete with a swirly, curly straw. Admittedly, I am not a big drinker. I rarely partake, but when I do it is always sweet and may have a curly straw or umbrella sticking out of it. If I am at a bar without a particular cocktail list, I have been known to tell the bartender to pretend he is making a cocktail for a sorority sister on her 21st birthday, which usually results in something I love. The Stormtrooper fits the bill, and I don’t have to be embarrassed about it.


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