BEYOND THE BRIDGES: There’s An Awful Lot To Love About Louisville


El Mundo
2345 Frankfort Ave.

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My husband and I have been going to El Mundo for many years and have been witnesses to a lot of transitions in staff and the building.  We have seen new faces come and some familiar ones move on to other adventures, and there are still some who have been there since the beginning. Despite all the changes, the consistencies keep us coming back weekly, if not twice a week. The food is, without fail, always delicious, always done right. I tend to be a creature of habit in my choices and I have a round of regulars here: the Zicatella salad with cod, creamy red wine vinaigrette, loads of grilled veggies and corn or the giant burrito with veggies and bison. Get it with queso on top. It costs a bit extra, but it is extra good – trust me. The frozen house margarita, perfectly sweet and packing a mean punch, is the best way to start off the meal. But the reason we are here so often is harder to describe. This place is more than a restaurant with great food. It’s a neighborhood place and a gathering spot filled with laughter and stories and people we love to come with and go there to see, including – no, especially – the staff. El Mundo is our place (and it should be one of yours).  I promise it’s not  just the margarita talking.



Art Eatables
631 S. Fourth St.

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Celebrating their third year on South Fourth Street, Art Eatables has continued to torment my sweet tooth with delicious, velvety small batch bourbon truffles, boozy chocolate goodness and all manner of treats. Artistically presented, beautiful and handmade, the Lol-lis-pops and themed chocolates are almost too beautiful to eat.  Almost. Voted Best Candy Shop in Kentucky by Food Network Magazine, Art Eatables will speak to your love of chocolate and your inner with the Star Wars-themed line of chocolates: Han Solo in Carbonite and the Han Trio set of three, Dark Vader and Milk Vader and the Darklennium and Milklennium Falcons. I am trying to be good and limit my sugar intake but I couldn’t resist the force. I’m betting neither will you.


The Parklands of Floyds Fork

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I recently spent several days exploring the Parklands of Floyds Fork just past the Gene Snyder Freeway. I have gone for a couple of great solo runs and explored the paths and parks with my Chihuahua Junebug and (human) friend Colleen. The beautiful parks are connected by paved and wooded trails, bridges, train trestles, babbling brooks, hills, nature, a horse farm, places to sit and eat and climb. Running was full of challenging hills and too much opportunity to stop and take it all in, though I’m not complaining. I have some good playlists and like the music fast and loud in my ears when I run. This way I keep a good pace and get a bit of music motivation to help conquer the steep hills, but running through the Parklands compels me to turn off the iPod and take it all in. Try it. You can thank me later.

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