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Jim BeamI must confess I am not a bourbon lover even though I live in Kentucky, but I am learning to appreciate some bourbon cocktails. I am good at shopping and gift giving, and I have found the perfect go-to gift for your Bourbon-lover friends, out-of-town guests, party hostesses, new brides and grooms, etc. In October, Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse opened at Fourth Street Live with a working distillery, bottling line, tastings and gift shop. I had friends get married out of town last month and couldn’t make the wedding. So, I popped in to visit the stillhouse, and labeled and dated the bottle, then filled and corked it myself and sent it on a conveyor system that runs through the air to the checkout. My gift was a bottle of 6-year-old, 100-proof bourbon that is only available at the stillhouse. And, as if that wasn’t a cool enough experience, they will engrave your message on the bottle for a minimal fee. The gift shop has a huge, beautiful tree made from barrel staves sprouting up the middle of the area as the bottles fly on conveyor belts overhead, magical and whimsical, like a small Willy Wonka Factory for adults. I walked out of there with my gift-giving crown securely in place. You will too.

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My biggest issue visiting Four Sisters cafe is my inability to choose between savory and sweet. I just want it all, so in the name of research, I decided I should just go ahead and have both. I opted for the Avocado Mushroom Feta Crepe, which was filling and delicious, and just to appease my sweet tooth, rounded off the meal with the Lavender Honey Crepe. I almost worried the lavender would remind me of my grandmother’s bathroom but the taste was subtle and perfect – no hint of flower-shaped soaps. The coffee, atmosphere, service and crepes were as lovely as the four sisters themselves.

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East of the Big Four Bridge |

Louisville is lucky to be home to all types of artists, but we really hit the jackpot with sculptor Ed Hamilton. I am fortunate enough to have met the artist numerous times and am continually in awe of his work. Our waterfront park is home to his beautiful Lincoln sculpture and reliefs just west of the Big Four Bridge. It is a moving tribute to Abraham Lincoln’s Louisville and Kentucky roots, his hatred of slavery and belief that all men are created equal. I am always fascinated being this close to this larger-than-life man and seeing (and feeling!) the marks of the sculptor in the piece. Personally, the most striking thing about this version of Abraham Lincoln is the relaxed pose, the hat to his side and his gaze out on the water. Lincoln becomes more real and more human, quiet and contemplative despite his status and stature. You can download a PDF and read more specifically about each piece and the artist.

Abe quote Abe Hands of Chains

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