At Home with Paul Kiger

By Angie Fenton | Photography by Tony Bennett

Every day, Paul Kiger hunts for the perfect home, which is why his clients love him. “It’s my job to know what each person wants,” said the RE/MAX Advantage-Indiana broker. “I like the project of making sure they make a good investment.”

Kiger also tries to help his clients find tranquility in whatever residence they choose.  “The concept of home, for me, is when you walk in the front door, it has to put you at peace. If your home stresses you out, even if you’re going through a restoration, you have to find your center in your home.”

When Kiger lived in a 5,000-square-foot mansion, “one of the biggest compliments people said was they could take a nap here, they felt so comfortable. I want that for my guests. Your home should never stress you out.”

Raised in New Middleton, Ind., Kiger now lives in New Albany, though he also works and resides part-time in California. “It’s hard to see some of the value of the homes out there compare to what you get here. Land is what it’s all about out there.”

Whenever Kiger travels out west, he always looks forward to returning home to Southern Indiana. “This community just embraces newcomers,” he said “It’s not about what you park in your garage here. It’s not about what zip code you live in.”

How To Find – Or Sell – Your Home Sweet Home

  • If you own a home and are thinking about selling it, write out a list of why you bought the home in the first place, Paul Kiger said. “Why did you fall in love with it? Write out a couple paragraphs … and reflect back in order to create the story for the family (potential buyer) that exists out there. For me, you’re not just selling a home. You’re selling a lifestyle.”
  • “When you’re buying, when you walk in the front door, how does it make you feel?” Kiger said. Take note of your immediate reaction.
  • “Right now the market is so hot that people need to be ready to write a contract if they like the home,” he said. “I had people who lived in their home for 30 and they were wanting to upgrade a little for entertaining because they’re retired. … We’ve got their house listed and then we have to find them a house, and we did that in 24 hours.”

Paul Kiger is a broker with RE/MAX Advantage-Indiana and real estate broker/agent at National Association of REALTORS.

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