A (Stylish) Tale of Two Couples

Story & Photos By Miranda McDonald

Clothes may not make the man or woman, but what you wear can become an extension of who you are or the impression you want to convey. In this case with these two couples, the message is loud and clear: Personal style is all about having a bit of fun and making your own rules. 


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Daniel & Ali Guess

How would you describe your style?

Ali: My style totally depends on my mood. I really like things that stand out because I don’t like to look like everyone else. I would rather look interesting than pretty. My sister always tells me that I “hag it up” when I dress.

Daniel: Colorful! I really just go with the flow.


What is your current occupation? Has your career affected your style choices in any way?

Ali: I’m an assistant stylist at Gilt.com. I am also lucky to work in fashion because I can wear whatever I want.

Daniel: I’m a financial analyst at Humana. I’m also in a local hip-hop group called Skyscraper Stereo. This makes dressing twofold because I do have to dress up for my day job, but I also try to find pieces that still reflect my personal style. I think that is important.

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What are your go-to pieces and why?

Ali: I love gawdy things! I love sequins, bright colors, animal prints, and I love gold. The trick is just to not overdo it. I look for things with some kind of unique design element. I also like to stay relevant and on-trend, but I think of fashion as more of a way to express myself creatively instead of looking for blogs and others to tell me what to wear. The cuff I am wearing today is one of my favorite accessories. I actually saw it online and Daniel surprised me with it.

Daniel: Sneakers are life! There are so many options and a pair to go with everything. I’ve been collecting them for a long time because I feel they are a great investment and come in so many colors.


How did you decide on the outfit for this shoot?

Ali:  We tried not to overthink it or match too much, so we each just picked whatever we were feeling the night before. I also love boots. They are comfortable, add a little edge and they just go with many of the things that I like to wear. I recently found my boots on sale and picked something I already had that would go with them.

Daniel:  The early ’90s hip-hop culture was rich in black pride. I feel that trend is making a comeback, and that’s why I chose a dashiki. Joggers are my go-to bottoms because they’re comfortable and the elastic at the bottom allows me to show off my shoes. I randomly chose the hat because it matched and it was subtle.



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Bobby & Ysha Bass

How would you describe your style?

Ysha:  I think we could describe our style as a couple as classic. Sometimes, when we attend a party or an event, we will try to coordinate with a matching color. As far as my personal style is concerned, I’m a big believer in the idea that the way you feel about yourself shows in how you dress, and how you dress will show how you feel. It’s amazing what a new dress or a pair of shoes can do on a bad day.

Bobby: I try to keep my style classy and unique. In general, I don’t try to imitate what others do in life, and that also includes the way I dress. I also don’t think too much about style, but my wife gives me some pretty good ideas. I think it should be about personality and flair, not duplication. If your kids aren’t teasing you, then you just aren’t doing it right!


What is your current occupation? Has your career affected your style choices in any way?

Bobby: We are the co-owners of Advisor Reality and associate brokers at Bass Group Real Estate. This affects our style choices because what we wear can set the tone of professionalism and service that our clients expect to receive. In reality, we represent our clients, so if we show up to negotiate in denim shorts and flip flops, we won’t be taken as seriously. However, that would be the perfect look for a pool party.

Ysha: Yes, we have to look sharp and professional when we represent a client. Like anything, first impressions are everything, and that is especially true in sales.

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What are your go-to pieces and why?

Ysha: Accessories! They can dress up or dress down the same outfit, so I never leave the house without having a piece of jewelry on.

Bobby: For events that require me to be dressed up, I love bow ties. When it comes to being casual, I love wearing a sports jackets with a classy handkerchief. Handkerchiefs are unique pieces that can add a lot of pop to your outfit, and so can wild socks.


How did you decide on the outfit for this shoot?

Ysha: I decided to wear this because it’s fun and comfortable. There is no sense in wearing something just because it looks good. It still needs to be comfortable. There’s nothing worse than sore feet from uncomfortable shoes or not being able to breathe in a tight dress.

Bobby: If you see me on a normal day, either working real estate or visiting local places like the River City Winery, I will likely be in a sports coat of some kind with an open collar and colorful handkerchief. I am a big fan of comfort going with the look of an outfit.extol 1 edit lr newest


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