6 thoughts on “A Family Undertaking | Jillian Becher

  1. Having grown up next door to the Jerp Becher family, and catty-corner from the Tommy Becher family, it’s particularly nice to see the funeral home legacy be passed on to another generation of Bechers. I’m glad I was directed to read this beautiful article. I currently live in Bloomington and just met Kristen recently. Best wishes for the upcoming addition to your family!

  2. This was such a wonderful article. I have known the Becher family since I was a little girl, growing up down the street from Jillian’s grandparents. They were such awesome people and I am not a bit surprised that Jillian has found her calling in the family trade. What a beautiful tribute to her father that she is walking in his footsteps. No doubt she is a wonderful funeral director, having experienced great loss first hand and knowing what a family needs at that time.

  3. We are so happy for you all. What a blessing it was to see this. I so wished we could’ve had you for my Dad’s funeral. He passed away in May of this year. I remember how kind and personable your father was, and I’m sure you make him smile from heaven. All our best to you all, and congratulations on the upcoming birth of your precious little girl! God bless to you all! The Jessee’s

  4. Jillian, I personally am very happy you followed your Dad’s footsteps in the business. Johnny was so sweet and friendly in the business and out personally. I considered him my friend. Jillian, with the sadness that goes along with losing a loved one, it is so refreshing to have a warm person helping you with the details of a funeral. Jillian, you are that person!! Jasper totally needs you in your role.

  5. Jillian, Your dad and mom are two of the most special people I ever met. And you girls are so special too. Just like your dad, you will be the bright spot in a difficult time.
    Beautiful article for a beautiful family. I know that people will say wonderful things about you, just like your dad.

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