A behind-the-scenes look at Extol

 A behind-the-scenes look at Extol.


Mikel FurlowMikel Furlow, a lifetime Sellersburg resident, knows a good thing when he sees it, which is why – and we may be biased – he was snapped “reading” Extol. Actually, this 16-month-old loves dogs, which is what he was checking out in our inaugural issue when his mother Sarah snapped this photo. Thanks to Mikel’s parents Chris and Sarah Furlow for sending us what we all agree is the cutest picture we’ve ever printed.

Behind-the-scenes w Jake

You can read all about how Jake Fenton-Applegate joined the Extol team in this issue’s Letter From The Editor. A gentle giant who was named when his Southern Indiana Animal Rescue foster parents saw a certain State Farm Insurance commercial (for the record, our Jake does not wear khakis…yet), Jake performed wonderfully in his first professional photo shoot. And then, he fell asleep.

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