A behind-the-scenes look at Extol

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Months before we sat down with legendary golfer Fuzzy Zoeller for this issue’s main feature story, the Extol Team started sharing ideas of what we wanted the cover to look like. We knew we’d have a minimal amount of time to capture the perfect shot and do a full interview. We also desired a photo that was at once striking and stark and also inviting. All of this had to be accomplished on location without the benefit of using a studio.

After coming up with the concept, we tried out a few practice runs with designer Adam Kleinert standing in as Fuzzy, which was humorous — for most of us at least — because Adam much prefers taking, editing and laying out photographs as opposed to being the subject. (Thanks for being such a good sport, Adam.)

Chief Photographer Tony Bennett worked hard to find the right angles and lighting while the rest of us weighed in with our opinions. Ultimately, the cover shot wound up being a team effort that was far different than what we’d originally intended, but as soon as each of us saw it individually, we knew we’d found the one.

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