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Louisville City: Get on The Bandwagon Now

By Kevin Kernen | Photo by Christian Watson In a city and a state divided along college lines, Louisville City FC has become a confluence of local fans, red and blue alike. Having started their 2018 season in March, LouCity is on the campaign to defend the laurels of the most fruitful season to date,…Read More


Arizona Dreaming

Drew Ellis is in sunny Scottsdale right now, on a journey to make a major league baseball team. There are no guarantees. He’s not asking for any. By Steve Kaufman | Photos by Tony Bennett In February, Drew Ellis of Jeffersonville, Indiana, got on a plane to Arizona, along with thousands of other people escaping…Read More


One Race, Many Reasons

By Nicholas Siegel | Photos by Kentucky Derby Festival Official Photographer Jonathan Roberts If you’ve had the opportunity to attend The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon in the past, you probably know that every participant has a unique reason for being there. Whether it be personal growth, community building or running for a cause they believe…Read More


Play Ball?

Travel tournaments are increasingly dominating youth baseball. It provides great opportunities to play a lot of games around the country. But is it good for the kids themselves? Youth baseball. For more than a century, it was the summer game, a sunshine outlet for American kids. Their national pastime. Whether it was neighborhood pickup games…Read More


Landing Mack Proves Louisville is Still Elite

By Howie Lindsey After a year filled with terrible news, national embarrassment and scandal, you can’t blame Louisville fans if they’ve been a little giddy these last few weeks. Not only did the Board of Trustees hire fan favorite Vince Tyra as Louisville’s athletic director, but Tyra then turned around and hired the next Hall…Read More


The Kula Center Opens in New Albany

The one-stop shop offers holistic medicine and wellness By Lisa Hornung | Photos by Christian Watson New Albany now has its own one-stop shop for holistic medicine and wellness in The Kula Center, which is located at 802 E. Market St. Kula – which means community, clan or tribe – is a fitting name for…Read More

Photo by Jenny Branson

When Politics Get Personal (And Getting Fit Turns Political)

By Angie Fenton This is not a political column. That needs to be said upfront. I grew up in a household where talking about politics was rarely, if ever, a topic discussed out loud, and I am still more comfortable listening to political views as opposed to divulging my own and engaging in political talk….Read More

Little Man in a Big Sports World Columnist Jim Biery.

Sports: The Mirror of Life

By Jim Biery If you’re a sports fan already, you will completely understand what I’m about to write. If you know nothing about sports, please read on and maybe I can explain why grown men wear other grown men’s uniforms and jerseys during the big game. I will admit that I don’t understand why wearing…Read More


UofL Hosts TYR Derby Pro Swim Meet

The University of Louisville Swim and Dive Team hosts the third annual TYR Derby Pro Swim Meet April 26 to 28. The weekend will consist of a Drowning Prevention Clinic at Ralph Wright Natatorium, a silent auction and dinner and the meet itself. The emcee for the event this year is 6-time Olympic gold medalist…Read More