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Express | ‘Tis the Season

Let Koerber’s Fine Jewelry help you give the gift of glam these holidays

A gift of fine jewelry can last a lifetime – and longer. Pick the perfect present at Koerber’s Fine Jewelry this holiday season and bedeck your beloved with baubles she – or he – will love for decades to come.

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-13-pmHEARTS ON FIRE 18K WHITE GOLD FIVE STONE DIAMOND HALO RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-30-pm14K WHITE GOLD CONTEMPORARY

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-38-pmHEART’S ON FIRE 18K DIAMOND BEZEL RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-46-pm14K PINK GOLD DIAMOND AND PEARL RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-54-pmTACORI 18K YELLOW GOLD SIMPLY TACORI ENGAGEMENT RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-27-01-pmTACORI 18K PINK GOLD DANTELA ENGAGEMENT RING







screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-27-39-pm14K WHITE GOLD DIAMOND FASHION STUD EARRINGS

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-27-49-pm14K WHITE GOLD KASLIQUE STUD DIAMOND EARRINGS

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-08-pm14K WHITE GOLD INTRICATE DIAMOND TWIST EARRINGS

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-15-pm14K YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND BEZEL NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-23-pm14K PINK GOLD MABE PEARL AND DIAMOND NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-31-pm14K WHITE GOLD FASHION DIAMOND BAR NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-39-pm14K WHITE GOLD DIAMOND STACKED BAR NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-45-pm14K WHITE GOLD KASLIQUE DIAMOND LONG BAR NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-46-36-pm3095 Blackiston Mill Road

New Albany




Family-owned business offers help and hope


From left to right: Kelsey Spaulding, Jessi Slade and Candyce Slade.

The Wig Shoppe has offered high-quality service in Louisville since 2002 with a mission of providing one of Kentuckiana’s largest selection of wigs – synthetic and natural – along with wig products, extensions, turbans, sleep caps, hats, scarves, gift cards and caring, personal attention.

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-5-34-01-pmRecently, founder Candyce Slade, her daughter Kelsey Spaulding and daughter-in-law Jessi Slade expanded to Clarksville with a shop that is located off Veterans Parkway just off 65 near Chuy’s.

“The Wig Shoppe is a family-owned and -operated business,” said Kelsey. “We service women who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or thinning hair. We also work with women who just want a change of style or the ease and comfort of being able to put a wig on. We like to help provide alternative hair (solutions) for women in need.” screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-5-34-05-pm

The environment at The Wig Shoppe is warm, welcoming and nonjudgmental. Tears and emotions of all variations also are embraced.

“. I consider The Wig Shoppe a service business, a boutique for woman who could feel comfortable coming in without judgment,” explained Candyce. “My family had a wig shop business in the 70s in Evansville, which is where I’m from. Decades later, after having children and seeking a return to work, I didn’t want just any job, I wanted to do something meaningful.”

And she has and continues to do so, say the numerous clients who both frequent and recommend The Wig Shoppe to others.

To learn more, go to TheWigShoppe.com

The Wig Shoppe Indiana

1401 Veterans Pkwy, Suite 1000





The Wig Shoppe Kentucky

1253 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy





The New Blak

Story and Photos by Miranda McDonald

Two years ago, Sellersburg resident Amanda Dougherty founded The New Blak, a local, eco-friendly clothing brand, with the idea that fashion can not only be created locally with sustainable fabrics, but that it can also be used as a tool to support, encourage and empower women.

“I launched my business to help spark a fashion revolution,” she said.

Each piece of clothing is handmade in the company’s personal studio space at Oxmoor Mall in Louisville by a group of women that Dougherty affectionately calls her “girl gang. We provide a very different experience… . When a customer comes into the store, they have the opportunity to meet the fashion designer and company owner, and speak with the stylists. They are also introduced to the team of seamstresses,” she said. “We want to unveil the idea that fashion doesn’t have to be an automated manufacturing process. It is a personal experience between a seamstress and the cloth itself.”


The Cost of ‘Fast Fashion’

Dougherty noticed that this personal experience and the connection customers have with the clothing they buy was completely lost when she worked in retail management for several years. She was so astounded by how quickly trendy clothing was being produced and the low price point that it was being sold at that she decided to research garment factories.

Daugherty soon realized workers in many of these establishments are exploited in order to produce poorly-made garments that are created with materials that are also harmful to the environment. In fact, she discovered that these materials are so harmful they contribute to making the fashion industry the second most damaging industry to the planet.

It was after this realization that Dougherty decided to make it her mission to help spread the word about the true cost of what’s known as “fast fashion,” and be one of the clothing brands that is striving to use eco-friendly materials.

“It can take polyester up to 200 years to break down in the environment. With the rate that we buy, throwaway and repeat, we will eventually be completely over-crowded by fast-fashion waste,” Dougherty said.

So, the designer decided to use bamboo when constructing each of the garments for The New Blak. The material is anti-microbial, helps regulate body heat and has a four-way stretch that makes each piece extremely comfortable to wear.

Start Small, Think Big

Although Dougherty is part of a global initiative that is working to eradicate fast fashion, she understands the impact starting on a local level can truly have. She plans to collaborate with local manufacturers and expand her business concept over the next several years.

“We know this cannot happen overnight. Opening the shop in Oxmoor Mall was just the first step in the fashion revolution. We hope to eventually collaborate with other companies, and build up Louisville and Southern Indiana as a self-sustaining fashion hub.”

blak6 blak3 blak4 blak1 blak5 blak2

Hali Meeks

Kaelin Shay

Heather Rous Weeks

Amanda Haas

Krista Prak

Shelby Thomas

Tees and dresses created by The New Blak
Jewelry provided by Bloomed Roots, Oak
and Olive Jewelry, Darling Handmades and
Wood If I Could, all of which is available at
The New Blak

The New Blak
7900 Shelbyville Road inside Oxmoor Mall





@shopthenewblak on
Facebook & Instagram

Superb Style


Photos By Andrea Hutchinson, 502.299.6588, love. andi@gmail.com

Ann Dunagan Crabtree

ss2Retired civil servant whose last position was with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers I see my style as eclectic, playful and expressive of my personality. It is fun for me to create and imagine the freedom of taking simple pieces and wearing them in unexpected ways to pull together several looks with one changeable article. For example: an unadorned knee-length dress – straight or A-line – becomes a tunic over straight-leg pants or leggings. Or, add a long vest or maxi coat. Use clothes as a canvas, feature a unique scarf or necklace. Maybe try multi-layers, knit tops over or under a dress. Just because clothing is shown being worn one way, break away! Have fun! Try wearing ss3an item backwards or maybe inside out. Never be afraid to play, interchange or re-arrange. Give your wardrobe a voice – your voice! I think of my style as layer upon layer of paint, an accumulation gathered over the years experimenting and capturing the lines that best express my personality. Consider yourself a hanger and play. Simply, have fun. I am a mature woman who allows herself the freedom of expression in dressing, unafraid to explore. I live by a saying from my Mother: “It’ll never be seen on a galloping horse.” That’s my philosophy on aging, dressing and having a style unique to me. Ann Dunagan Crabtree is a yoga enthusiast with a love of creating the unexpected when it comes to her style.

Maureen Elizabeth Bacon

ss5 Office manager for Justin Graphics, a graphic arts company in Louisville My style is definitely eclectic! I can honestly say that I do not have a person that has influenced me or whom I want to emulate in dressing. I am amazed by the women my age and older who are getting so much attention in the fashion world. We’re nothing new – We’ve always been here!!! Wear what ss4makes you happy. It makes me sad when I hear women say they love an outfit or a piece of jewelry but won’t wear it because they would feel foolish. If you look in the mirror and smile, wear it! As the old saying goes “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” that includes what you see when you look in the mirror. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and wear it boldly!

ss6 ss7

Never be afraid to play, interchange or re-arrange. Give your wardrobe
a voice – your voice!” – Ann Dunagan Crabtree


It makes me sad when I hear women say they love an outfit or
a piece of jewelry but won’t wear it because they would feel foolish. If you look in the mirror and smile, wear it!” – Maureen Elizabeth Bacon

Most clothing and accessories are from Colokial Boutique, 219 Pearl St. in New Albany


PRESS RELEASE | GLOW Hosts its 7th Annual Holiday Party

Louisville, KY (October 24, 2016) — Greater Louisville Outstanding Women (GLOW), will host its 7th annual holiday party at Mercury Ballroom on historic South Fourth Street on Wednesday, December 7 from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Billy Goat Strut Revue, a local Bourbon Jazz band, will play the ticketed event catered by GLOW member, Bhavana Barde.

GLOW’s 7th annual fete is an opportunity for the community to meet outstanding women in leadership and business in Louisville Metro. “It’s a bit of a harmonic convergence when GLOW members’ networks combine and collide,” co-founder and co-director Holly Houston said. “There is always incredible energy and potential for collaboration at our events.”

Event details:
Date: December 7, 2016, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Location: Mercury Ballroom
Entertainment: Billy Goat Strut Revue
All invited, over 21
Tickets cost $35 each  – $65 for two
Purchase tickets online here

Proceeds from the Holiday Party will support GLOW projects that empower women and girls throughout the Louisville community and the world. Over the last seven years, GLOW has sponsored part of a college scholarship for a music student with small children at Family Scholar House and donated funds for a meeting room at the Center for Women and Families. GLOW supports women’s business efforts globally through Kiva loans it reinvests each year and will host its second round of “Get Lit with GLOW” financial literacy seminars this fall around the city.

GLOW provides a connecting base for women with outstanding business, nonprofit, and leadership experience to expand their networks while mentoring each other and honing their presentation and leadership skills. GLOW’s membership boasts businesswomen from tech startups, to first-time entrepreneurs, to women with long-standing business ownership. Members are particularly suited to share career “do’s and don’t’s” and life skills as related to finance and career.

About GLOW: Greater Louisville Outstanding Women has up to three members in each business category with knowledge and skills that allow them to provide excellent service to clientele within a given industry. GLOW meets monthly to educate, lead, advocate and empower women of all ages in our region. To learn more about the group or to apply for membership, contact GLOW at info@GLOWlouisville.com or visit GLOWlouisville.com.

To inquire about the party, contact A. Holland Houston at 502.562.3454 or Laurie Dobbins at 502.386.2074.

B.YOU: Building a Better You

Story by Steve Kaufman  |  Photography by Steve Squall | Photography Assistance Provided By Shepherd Ahlers

B.YOU her modern fitness boutique coming to New Albany, lifts people off the ground, literally and figuratively. 

There always seems to be something new in the world of fitness, but B.YOU Her Modern Fitness Boutique is here to stay and offers participants far more than a way to get fit.

Remember aerobics? Which gave way to yoga, which gave way to kick-boxing, which gave way to Jazzercise. Then there was Pilates. And spinning. And CrossFit. And Zumba.

It’s not just fashion or trendiness. Each seems to be a new and different way to build on what we’ve learned about conditioning, health and the human body.

But something new has come to the Southern Indiana area – by way of B.YOU, which is opening its first location on Pearl Street in New Albany – though it’s already quite popular in European and East Coast cities. It’s the same intense, well-crafted workout, only it’s done not on the ground, not on a mat, not reclining or sitting or squatting, not lotus pose or downward-facing dog, but in the air.

Actually, it’s not an “it” – it’s a “they.” Two separate types of workouts (though they offer far more than that). One is done while twirling and rotating in the air, using a long sash – a silque – suspended from the ceiling. Think Cirque du Soleil.

The other is done while bouncing up and down on a rebounding platform. Think trampoline.

The local pioneer of all this is Stephanie Bristow, a former ICU trauma nurse who just wanted to get in shape for her wedding. In a Lexington fitness studio in 2010, she discovered barre, the rave of the moment: stretching and toning using a ballet dancer’s simple flexibility routine. Two years later, Bristow moved to Louisville and opened a barre studio in St. Matthews.

“I fell in love with barre,” Bristow recalled. “It was challenging and low-impact, without any equipment. I saw a lot of changes in my body and felt challenged physically and mentally.”

Among the things Bristow liked was how barre addressed her particular gender needs. “I targeted what was important to me, to most women – my inner thighs and arms – with a lot of repetition and with stretching, so it didn’t bulk up my muscles.”

She found it safe and low-impact enough for women of all ages. And, most important perhaps, it was a welcoming, comfortable environment for women, away from the sweaty, muscular, masculine feel of so many gyms.

“At (the barre studio), it was the men who tended to feel out of place,” Bristow recalled. “Even the men who delivered the mail were uncomfortable.”

Eventually, the studio became so popular that Bristow and her partner, a fellow barre enthusiast named Rashna Carmicle, had opened a second location in Springhurst in Louisville. But they were already looking past barre to other things.

On a trip to the New York area, Bristow and Carmicle visited a facility in New Jersey called AntiGravity Yoga. Participants twirled off the ground, hammocked in a sash of material suspended from the ceiling by safety chains and carabiner shackles that gave them elements of calisthenics and also yoga, achieving a total-body workout.

Bristow was fascinated. But she wasn’t satisfied. “I didn’t like the way the class was created,” she said. “We wanted a more full-body approach, to burn calories but also strengthen the core. So we developed our own approach, a set of targeted exercises so you’re not just flipping around.”

The two barre studios were renamed B.YOU Modern Fitness Boutique. Recently, a third location was scouted in the bustling New Albany/Southern Indiana area.

And Bristow began looking for yet something more. On a trip to New York, she and Carmicle discovered a workout routine based on a mini-trampoline. “It was amazing,” Bristow said. “Sixty minutes of high-energy, adrenaline-packed fun. We’d never done this before, and there’s nothing like it in this area.”


So now, B.YOU offers three workout alternatives:

Barre fitness, using a ballet barre and light hand weights to lengthen and tone muscles through tiny movements and isolated holds, with two-, three- and five-pound weights. “There’s not a wide range of motion exercises,” said Brooke Vernon, one of B.You’s instructors (who are actually called “inspirers”), “it’s all precisely controlled.”

Aerial fitness, in which clients are enveloped in and suspended by silque hammocks. “You use your own body weight to build strength, length and muscle,” she said, “transforming your physique, head-to-toe.”

Trampoline fitness, incorporating the individual mini-rebounders along with hand-weights, to firm and tone muscle, improve balance and core strength, “all while being kind to our joints,” she said. “The rebounders absorb up to 80 percent of the shock to joints, versus that which you feel on roads, treadmills, running tracks and other hard surfaces.” Also, she said, it’s a low bounce that utilizes the body’s core and pelvis to lift your feet off the ground. The goal is to stay low. “Forget what you think you know about those big backyard trampolines, with a lot of aimless bouncing and jumping. This is very controlled, very targeted.”

Within the three methods are several different classes, Vernon said: cardio, sculpting, high-intensity interval training, stretching, yoga/meditation.

“The goal is a well-rounded repertoire of fitness levels and classes,” Bristow said. “We want to offer everything anyone needs at one location, so she doesn’t have to have five gym memberships. And we now feel we have that great, well-rounded, complimentary offering, three workout options that balance each other out.”

For example, she said, barre and silque are a great complement to one-another for full-body sculpting. “And, with the bounce, we now offer a great cardio workout, as well. We looked into spinning and treadmills, but we didn’t feel those things fit our studio environment. The rebounder seems perfect for us.

“The rebounder adds exercise science to our offering. It’s popular in physical therapy classes because it’s so good for your joints.”

A big part of B.YOU’s special sauce is its focus on women.

What’s important to women?” asked Vernon, a former cardiac nurse and self-described marathon runner and cardio junkie. “Safety. Effectiveness. Results. How fast are they seeing results? How much time are they having to spend before they see changes? Is there the potential for an residual injuries?”

It’s also aiming its service at all levels of fitness, age, physical acuity and objectives. “We have women in their 60s, women who are pregnant, women who are in fantastic shape and women who would like to get into challenge is always the fear of intimidation – that you’re not good at it and everyone else in the room is. That’s especially true with methods as new and unfamiliar as ours are. You might go to our web site and the aerial silques look terrifying, everyone up in the air, flying around.b-u

“That’s not what we want. We have beginner-level classes and we help people advance at their own pace. We don’t want to be forcing anyone to do something, to advance beyond her comfort level. Our approach is to ask, ‘What do you do for exercise?’ If you say you don’t have the time, we say ‘Give us 60 minutes of your time and we’ll give you an escape.’ ”

While the boutiques are open seven days a week, most members are encouraged to work out only three or four days a week. “Within that time, switch up your classes so you’re varying your routine, so every workout every day is not the same,” said Bristow.

In fact, she said, “if you’re doing a strength workout, we encourage you to put 24 or 48 hours between those, to let your muscles rest. Take a cardio class in between to keep the blood flowing and relieve muscle soreness.”

B.YOU is currently in the midst of preparing the space for the third location at 302 Pearl St. in New Albany. Vernon believes it once was a Walgreen’s.

The 2,675-square-foot fitness studio will have shower facilities, a changing area, vanities and a boutique retail space.

The owners felt Southern Indiana was a natural location for another B.YOU location. There’s a growing community of interested consumers there and, in fact, Bristow said she was seeing an increase in the number of Indiana residents who came to the two Louisville locations. In October, said Vernon, B.YOU took space at New Albany’s annual Harvest Homecoming, with a portable barre device in the booth and a small trampoline on the sidewalk.

“It was amazing how much interest and excitement there was for this,” she said.

Vernon said there will likely be a soft opening some time in December. B.YOU will offer a special “founding membership” of $79 a month for unlimited use of the facility. “That’s locked in; it will never change,” she said. The membership will come with free child care, priority on all wait lists and 15 percent off all retail purchases. B.YOU has a small boutique inside, selling workout apparel from some of the top fitness brands, including Karma, Alo, Beyond Yoga, Shashi. Vernon said the post-founding membership rates have yet to be determined, but in the two Louisville locations, the going rate is $138 a month. Bristow is excited about the way her business is progressing. “There are other barres,” she said dismissively of the exercising phenomenon that, after all, hasn’t been the rage for two or three years, “but nobody else in has the silques or the rebounders.”

While the official New Albany opening is being pegged for January, Vernon said there will likely be a soft opening some time in December. B.YOU will offer a special “founding membership” of $79 a month for unlimited use of the facility. “That’s locked in; it will never change,” she said.

The membership will come with free child care, priority on all wait lists and 15 percent off all retail purchases. B.YOU has a small boutique inside, selling workout apparel from some of the top fitness brands, including Karma, Alo, Beyond Yoga, Shashi.

Vernon said the post-founding membership rates have yet to be determined, but in the two Louisville locations, the going rate is $138 a month.

Bristow is excited about the way her business is progressing. “There are other barres,” she said dismissively of the exercising phenomenon that, after all, hasn’t been the rage for two or three years, “but nobody else in has the silques or the rebounders.”

B.YOU Her Modern Fitness Boutique

302 Pearl St.

New Albany