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Business 101

Michelle Konkle, CFP® Financial Consultant with a Local Financial Strategies Firm

What motivates you?

The first thing that comes to my mind is my daughter. I am motivated to create the best life possible for her. In doing that, I am thankful for my career which has allowed me to have flexibility and a work life balance. These things motivate me to create a bond with clients which allows me to be able to participate emotionally in their financial victories.

What is the biggest professional risk you’ve taken?

Simple stated, being a woman in a predominantly male industry. Whether we want to believe or accept the reality, there are very few women in a financial advisor or C suite position within an organization; yet more times than not we end up in charge our family’s financial well-being. I am thankful to be on a team that values the different way of thinking which I bring to the table. They have given me the opportunity to face my fears and overcome the obstacles that I had put in my own way.

What is most rewarding about what you do for a living?

The biggest reward in my line of work is helping individuals to create and achieve financial freedom. I love being able to see the smile on their face after several conversations and assurances that their hard work has paid off and their financial goal has been met. This of course means different things to different people – it could be paying off student loans, buying your first home, or being able to retire years earlier than you had ever imagined!