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A Touch of Princess

Photos by Reneasha Stewart of Reneasha Stewart Photography Bookreneasha@gmail.com | Instagram: @reyoflite
Makeup by Amber Wilson | Instagram: @beautybyambrose Hair by Cookie | Instagram: @cookieshair

Princess Cureton
Boss, Master Hairstylist, Owner of A Touch of Princess, The Kiara Shanelle Experience

Hometown: Jeffersonville

My profession is cosmetology. I love being a hairstylist. I am able to make all feel lovely from the crown because that’s where it starts. I am able to create and most importantly I am able to be me.
Making people look and feel their best means the world to me. It helps me feel accomplished when they do too. It makes me happy to see someone else happy.

To make myself look and feel my best, I put on my favorite earrings, makeup, a super cute outfit, do my hair and take selfies.
My personal motto is “you make the hair, don’t let the hair make you.”
My greatest success was finishing high school, cosmetology school and being able to style hair for Prada at New York Fashion Week.
My biggest challenge is handling more than I can bear or doing almost too much but I keep going.
What motivates me the most? My nephews.

My heroes and mentors include my mom, granny, Tymica Martin, Teresa Hinkle-Jones, Dede Cox, RaeShanda Johnson and Kecia Copeland.
My mom and granny are my heroes and mentors because without their guidance in the world and support daily I wouldn’t be the smart, confident and intelligent woman I am. Tymica Martin is my big cousin and a master stylist herself. She has paved the way for me in the hair industry and has always been there for me. Teresa Hinkle-Jones was a school teacher and a family friend who kept me in line. She was like a fairy god-mother to me. Dede Cox is one beautiful soul. She introduced me to pageantry and a lot of community service events, and has not let go of my hand since. She loves me like I was her own. RaeShanda Johnson involves me in all of her fashion events and has supported me as a friend. Kecia reminds me of me: She’s on the go on the daily, and she is very supportive as well. She’s a great friend. We serve together on the “I Am Her” council, which brings awareness to domestic violence and human trafficking.

One thing I wish people knew about me is I have a cupcake fetish.


ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_33_Image_0005Favorite Southern Indiana restaurant: Puerto Vallarta
Favorite place to shop: Green Tree Mall
Your go-to song: “Money” by Cardi B
Favorite movie: “Fried Green Tomatoes”
Five things you can’t live without: God, Family, Cell phone, My planner and Cupcakes

Local Love

screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-3-24-02-pmSouthern Indiana has no shortage of locally-owned businesses, and shopping at them can benefit our community as a whole. Spending money at an independent business versus a big box retailer means more cash in our local economy. And there are several environmental benefits too. Local shop owners are more likely to reuse materials and contribute far less to industrial pollution than corporations do. Plus – and this may be the best benefit of all – when you shop local, you’re supporting your neighbors, which feels really good.


Making Memories

screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-4-18-35-pmBY ALLISON JONES | PHOTOS BY TONY BENNETT

Floyds Knobs couple thrilled with stunning renovation

Living in their Floyds Knobs home since 2001, Jenny and Sean Stumler have raised two children and spend countless hours building memories with nearby family members. But, with any home that has been lived in for a while, refreshing the décor is always a welcome detour. So, with the help of Karista Hannah – owner/interior designer of Set the Stage – the Stumlers brightened up the space to reflect their collective spirit: relaxed and vibrant.

“I had met Karista during a Homearama in 2015 and immediately felt a connection,” Jenny shared. “We have worked on three different projects since that time and she has never let me down. The renovation itself took about five months. We had to move out, but fortunately, we had a family member who was moving and still had their previous home for us to use.”

The style of the home was darker and constricted, so they opted to eliminate walls in order to improve the flow. Newly added architectural elements, stylish furniture, accessories, and lighting were all the elements needed to breathe new life into this family home.

Reclaimed beams add a rustic touch to the space and architectural details, like the trim, accentuate the room. White cabinets are complemented by the island painted in a dark hue. Pendant lights hover over the expansive island that includes stylish bar chairs. The breakfast nook includes table and chairs overlooking the outdoor entertaining area that features a pool.

“What I love about working with Karista is that she is very conscience of costs and is eager to repurpose furniture,” Jenny said.

A large console – a focal point in the great room – was painted and given a new look. It plays host to family collectibles and a flat screen television. Checkered upholstery cloaks the plush club chairs and pairs well with the sofa and leather chair for comfortable seating. Pedestal accent tables host stylish lamps, and a metal chandelier adds drama to the room.

“The ceiling was already in place, but we decided to give it a more rustic appearance and then added the chandelier,” Jenny reflected as we chatted about the master bedroom. The vibe is relaxed and tranquil while the décor is simple and understated. Crisp linens dress the bed accentuated with a tufted headboard. Patterned drapes frame the windows that provide a view of the lush landscape surrounding their home. Inviting wingback chairs flank an accent table. Collectibles are displayed on the ornate dresser while an elegant mirror is propped against the wall.

“Now that our children our grown, we had talked about downsizing,” said Jenny, “but this is home, and we want them to be able to come back and visit the place where our memories have been made.”

Karista’s Paint Picks for the Stumler Home

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Model Brooklyn Schrink in a dress and accessories from Sapphire on Spring, which now has two locations: 326 Spring St. in Jeffersonville and 154 E. Main St. in New Albany.