Hats off to the best time of the year

Creatively inspired by Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany

By Morgan Sprigler

Derby Season is upon us, yall! Now, I’m no BritniKnable from HeadCandi (if it’s even possible that you don’t know Britni, google her RIGHT NOW!).

But, I have discovered that I am capable of making a hat out of a paper plate. My little girls throughly enjoyed participating in this craft, so this idea is super-kid-friendly.

I can see you creating these for your Derby house party, displayed on a table for your guests to wear for the day. I can also see this as a craft station set up for children and adults alike, if you plan on throwing a Derby themed event, or just something fun to do at home with your kiddos. Some of these items you may already have on hand, although I always get mine from Ben Franklin Crafts New Albany.


1. Paper plates or bowls (solid white and sturdy)
2. Ribbon, flowers, feathers, rhinestones, etc
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. Scissors3940


Poke holes (carefully) using your scissors evenly at both sides of your plate. This is where you will string your ribbon through, eventually, that will hold the hat in place on top of your head.


Using your hot glue gun, attach ribbon around the perimeter of the plate. Once you have completed this step, you can decorate your “hat” any way you would like. Attach a flower or two, add feathers or really anything your heart42


Once you are happy with your design and all of your glue is dry, cut a long piece of matching ribbon. Take the end of the ribbon and string it through the top of one of the holes you created in step one and through the bottom of the other hole. Pull the ribbon through so that you have an even amount of excess on both sides. Approximately 10 inches.


Place the hat on your head ( I like how it looks if its tilted to one side) and tie underneath your chin. Now, you are Derby party ready!

Wishing everyone lots of luck this Derby season! Go Baby Go!43

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