I Must Have Flowers

2By Morgan Sprigler

Always Umbrella Wreath

Oh, hello spring readers!

Raise your hand if this is

your favorite time of year.

I love all of the seasons for

myriad reasons, but spring

just feels so special. New

beginnings, new blooms, fresh, clean air (insert

deep yoga breath).

When thinking of my DIY craft for this issue, I

knew it had to be all about flowers. Flowers are

the best part of spring, right?! But with flowers,

must come rain, and with rain must come flowers.

Either way, I am looking forward to afternoon

showers, shining sun and a blooming landscape

after the winter we have just endured.

This craft can be used as a wreath for your front

door or can be placed in a pot for a beautiful

welcome into your home!1


Artificial Flowers


Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Clear Acrylic High Gloss Coating



STEP ONE : Rain Drops

For my fellow hot-glue-gun-fanatics, you will

love this part. Using a heated glue gun, squeeze

small dots onto the heads of all of your artificial

flowers. There is no wrong or right way to place

your dots. Just go for it! Once all of your dots

have dried, pull all of the glue stings off of the

flower (this is important for Step 2). You can put

rain drops on your umbrella if you wish.3

STEP TWO: Make It Rain

In order to make your flowers really look wet,

let’s spray them with some clear high gloss

lacquer. I laid my flowers on an old sheet

outside and sprayed my little heart out. The

more layers you do, the more of a wet look you’ll

achieve. You can even spray your umbrella. Let

dry (about an hour in the sun).6

STEP THREE : Arrange

I found it very simple to arrange my flowers

while my umbrella was already in place (either

hanging on your door or stuck into a pot with

soil). If your umbrella has a tie around the center,

unbutton it to give you a larger “vase” to work

with. Using your scissors, clip off individual

flowers and begin to place. Try mixing up your

flowers (if you purchased several different

styles) versus keeping them grouped together.

Have fun with this! Take your time and let the

creativity flow. (By the way, I found my parasol

on Amazon, because I was able to find exactly

what I wanted. You want to choose an umbrella

with a hook and not a looped string.)4

STEP FOUR: Everything is

better with a bow

Snip off a long piece of ribbon and tie neatly

around your umbrella, holding everything

into place. If your umbrella has a strap, tuck

underneath your ribbon. You can secure your

ribbon to your umbrella with hot glue if you feel

the need.5

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