Get Fit Louisville – Episode 1: Who is Jeff Miller and What is VO2 Multisport?

In this episode, Jeff Miller and Angie Fenton introduce Get Fit Louisville to Extol Podcasting. Angie also quizzes Jeff on his professional and personal life, which includes a whole lot of Whiskey, Pepper and a little crispy bacon, too.

VO2 Multisport owner Jeff Miller owns one of the top Multisport shops in the country and is well-known among elite athletes in our community.  But, you don’t have to be an Ironman to benefit from this podcast. Each week Jeff will share workout tips, news, and upcoming events in Get Fit Louisville.

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Angie Whiskey and Jeff 2(1) Angie Whiskey and Jeff 3(1) Angie Whiskey and Jeff(1) Jeff and Jason(1) Jeff w Pepper the Pig(1) Pepper the Pig(1)


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