From The Editor | October/November 2015

THIS ISSUE STARTED WITH A STORY OF SURVIVAL — Beverly McComb’s, to be exact. The three-time breast cancer survivor told us her tale with a smile on her face, and suddenly we saw something else: a reason to celebrate. This theme continued with each of the breast cancer survivors we photographed and interviewed, and it continued with every subsequent story.

From the Editor1We witnessed a historic celebration when Extol columnist JD Dotson married Jon Freels, the love of his life, accompanied by a parade of well-wishers and captured our first wedding feature in this issue (Want yours to be next? Send an email with details about your big day to

For 90 years, Monroe Shine has been a fixture in the Southern Indiana community. In this issue, we celebrate how the company has affected this community — and more.

In these pages, we also share advice from a genuine matchmaker who is eager to help those interested in finding love, celebrate the grand re-opening of Koerber’s From the Editor2Fine Jewelry, showcase Scott County from the eyes of photographer Tyler Lizenby, hope to inspire those of you who want to lead a healthier life, leap across the bridge (pick your preference; we travel them all) to enjoy Louisville, and honor the finest from New Albany Police Department in our final page. And we did it all while representing people from all over Southern Indiana — and beyond.

Although CELEBRATE became the focus of this issue, we also found another theme we believe you, our readers, embody as much as our stories and photographs do: “Live, Love, Repeat.” It really is that simple.

From the Editor3

As always, thank you for taking the time to read Extol.

Yours truly,

Angie Fenton

Editor in Chief Extol Magazine


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