From the Editor | April – May 2016

SOME PEOPLE EMBRACE the first of the year as the right time to start fresh. I’ve always looked to the beginning of spring. There’s something about the first blooms and buds that invigorate and inspire. I hope you’ll discover that same feeling when you look through this issue of Extol.

A9R8y6qk4_1ekmydy_6d4In this edition, you’ll find an introduction to German American Bank by veteran writer Steve Kaufman, who also penned an article about Southern Indiana’s newest breakfast hotspot, Wild Eggs. While the former has existed for decades and the latter is just beginning, both entities are embarking on new paths and offer much to our community.

In these pages, you’ll find plenty of fashion options for gals — and a few for the fellas — who still aren’t sure about what to wear to Derby.

A9Rdznwhb_1ekmydv_6d4One of my favorite features in this issue is titled, “Get a Glimpse,” which is a collection of portraits by Evan Rivard and perspectives compiled by writer Stacy Thomas of individuals from the Southern Indiana community.

You won’t want to miss, “My Mom as I See Her,” which was collectively written by five of our team members. This touching tribute is a reminder to treasure the ones you love and make sure they know how much you do.

When it comes to being single in Southern Indiana, there are as many challenges as there are rewards — just ask the individuals who agreed to candidly talk about their experiences in “Looking for Love.”

By now you’ve most likely realized our team is filled with animal lovers. We hope you’ll join us 12 to 3 p.m. April 16 for Pooches on the Patio at The Exchange Pub + Kitchen, 118 W. Main St. in New Albany. You can find out more about the event — which benefits Southern Indiana Animal Rescue — on the final page of Extol.

Yours truly,

Angie Fenton

Editor in Chief | Extol Magazine



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  1. Jack Harris

    Angie,I am so excited to come across your dynamic self and see you making a positive difference in,our world! I always knew this was going,to happen because you were a terrific,very sharp ,caring young lady! I,would love to subscribe to your magazine.As I said in my other post I sent Darell Burget sent me the article about you and it brought back wonderful memoriesof you and your family.Blessings and I am going to work on getting your magazine.


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