Eventfully Yours w/ Kristy & Laurie | Episode 1: Meet the Duo

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Eventfully Yours w/ Kristy & Laurie | Episode 1: Meet the Duo

Kristy and Laurie invite you to meet who they are and what they will be serving up with this, their inaugural podcast.

Kristy, the socialite. Laurie, the expert. Together, we dish about all things event-related…. From the current trends to the when, where and how to have it — Along with who to use!

Eventfully Yours with Kristy Miles-Pearson and Laurie Haag is brought to you by Eventful 203 and presented by Extol Podcasting.

Podcast Sponsor:

eventful203LOGO (3) webLocated in beautiful, historic New Albany, Indiana, Eventful 203 is a truly unique Meeting and Wedding Planning Resource Center focused on creating a relaxed and inspired way of planning your events.

Laurie Hagglaurie@eventful203.com | 502.905.3054 | www.eventful203.com

Upcoming Events at Eventful 203:

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Podcast Photos:

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Intro Background music provided by: (Copyrighted music by ‘jonathang2’ shared at www.SampleSwap.org) Creative Commons ‘Attribution Share Alike’ licensed. See: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ |Artist: J Green |  Licensed as: by-nd | Title: 10-18-2014 with voice over by Kristy Miles-Pearson and Laurie Haag

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