Escapeaway by Perfect Escape WINNER!

Congratulations to the  Perfect Escape logo1   Escapeaway Sweepstakes logo  WINNER!

Rob & Christi Steller

Steller Extol Image(1) Steller Extol Image 2(1) Steller Extol Image 3(1) Steller Extol Image 4(1)

All images and designs are property of Perfect Escapes Design+Build+Maintain.  

This 3D design will come to life and the finished product will be featured in Extol’s August/September print issue.

Live photo updates will be provided throughout the process by Perfect Escapes Design+Build+Maintain. There will be more to come about the Sweepstakes winners, Rob and Christi Steller; so please check back in periodically to meet this deserving couple and see how easily their dream will become a reality.

If you would like Perfect Escape Design+Build+Maintain to come to your home and give you a free consult, please contact:

David Cooper | | 812.284.9555

Jonathan Cooper | | 812.284.9555

Perfect Escapes is a subsidiary of Perfect Stripes Lawn+Landscape Inc. |

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