Business 101 | Brent Rogers

screen-shot-2018-10-08-at-9-54-08-amBrent Rogers


Sounds Unlimited Productions (SUP)

“I’m driven by the dream, not the money!”


Boards, volunteer or community work:

Leadership Southern Indiana NEXGEN Board.


In terms of growth and economic development, where would you like to see Southern Indiana in 10 years?

My vision is a unified Southern Indiana, with all communities coming together for a common goal of growth, collaboration and vision for the future. As an extension of Louisville, we have an excellent opportunity to showcase our great SoIN region.


Who or what motivates you?

Connection of people and business. I’m driven by the dream, not the money!


What habits/routines have helped with your success?

I’m an early riser, so getting into my day before most are out of bed is a benefit. I also workout in some form each day. It keeps me focused, energized and has become a lifestyle.


What pushes you through your most difficult times?

Knowing that I’m making a difference in people’s lives in some manner keeps a smile on my face, whether it’s working to help a nonprofit raise much needed dollars or helping a friend connect. My kids, JR and Sally, also remind me that life is a journey, not a destination. I have learned life is 10 percent about what happens to you and 90 percent about how you handle it.


What are you most proud of professionally?

The team at SUP makes me proud. Knowing we have built a positive reputation in the community for being creative, innovative and hard-working is something we pride ourselves on. I don’t feel like I have a job as much as each day is a new challenge. I’m eager to take it to the next level!

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