Bumps & Beauty with Angie Fenton | Episode 4: Weighty Matters

Extol Magazine
Extol Magazine
Bumps & Beauty with Angie Fenton | Episode 4: Weighty Matters

Three weeks after our host gave birth, she received her first of many unsolicited offers from strangers who wanted to help her lose weight and get back to her “pre-baby body.” In this episode, she not only addresses those individuals but also talks candidly about her weight and shares the number on the scale.

Editor-in-Chief of Extol Magazine and new mother Angie Fenton hosts Bumps & Beauty.  Each episode, Angie will ask guests to share their parenting experiences and advice.

Parenthood: a mix of challenging moments and wonderful memories. This is Bumps & Beauty, presented by Extol Podcasting.

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