Building Dreams with Brad Weddington

By Angie Fenton | Photos by Tony Bennett

In our inaugural issue of Extol, we ran a cover story about WHAS11’s Chief Meteorologist Ben Pine, who lived most of his life as a self-professed city slicker before moving his family to rural Indiana – Borden, to be exact. The only problem? The 30-acre property was filled with trees and steep hills 500 feet above sea level, which didn’t deter builder Brad Weddington.

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Instead, he faced the challenge head-on and built the Pine family the home of their dreams. How and why did Weddington do it – particularly when other builders wouldn’t – and what advice does he have to offer those who want to build in Southern Indiana? We asked and the owner of Weddington Custom Homes answered.

Extol: What made you say yes to the challenge of building a home for Ben Pine and his family?

Brad Weddington: It was a challenge. And I like challenges. … It’s what Ben wanted and as a builder I believe it’s our responsibility that if there’s a way to do it and … to accept the challenge, you do it.

Extol: What was that like to see the Pine family so overjoyed with what you’d done?

Brad Weddington: It was unreal. Ben told me at the end of it, he said, “You know, Brad, I’m not a crier, but you just might make me cry.” You know, it was amazing because, honestly, it was the first house I had built … beyond family members and myself. I had always worked for builders and…this was my first contract built one hundred percent under my flag.

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Extol: What is signature to Weddington Custom Homes?

Brad Weddington: There’s really kind of two different types of builder out there. There are your track builders, which build spec homes …who build on speculation. … The custom builders, who kind of create a niche, who went completely the other direction where it’s all spray foam and geothermal. … There are people out there who do not want the cookie-cutter (spec homes) but flat-out can’t afford the craziness of where (many) custom (homes) have gone. That’s the (place where Weddington Custom Homes and) I fit in.

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Extol: What advice do you offer to people who are considering building a home?

Brad Weddington: I would say look around. Don’t overlook the smaller guys (builders). As Southern Indiana grows, some of the larger builders are also developers now. They’ll buy a plot of land and they’re the only ones building there. (Many people are) confused about the process. I’m the guy who will sit down (with you).  … If you’re a homeowner doing just one home, (all of the costs add up and hiring someone like me, my price is going to be less.) Plus, you’ve got one person to yell at and that’s me.

You can contact Brad Weddington, owner of Weddington Custom Homes, at, 502.210.1812 or



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