Black History Month 2.24.2021

As we continue our Celebrating Black History Month series, brought to you by Samtec and MAC Construction, we’ve shared our original content but are also using this space to highlight people, projects and institutions that have made commitments to amplify Black voices and Black history, too. The UnKnown Project will be known on a global level but right now needs grassroots help via donations and awareness. It may be located on the other side of the Ohio, but it’s for us all. Consider learning more by following the shared page, visiting the website below, and/or making a monetary contribution. #extolexcellenceBHM

UnKnown Project:

Funds are still being raised to support (Un)Known Project components and you can join our journey through hoodies, masks, and t-shirts.👣 Limestone Reconciliation Benches with design led by William M. Duffy, Sculptor👣 A Journey In Our Footprints installation along the Ohio River👣 Exhibition components at Roots101: African American Museum and Frazier History Museum👣 Floating Reconciliation Experience on the Belle of Louisville Pre-order now at!

Thank you to our partners:

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